Writers With Books Under 1k Reads


Lol true


Hey! We’re age buddies!

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Lol yay! I’m not alone!

I don’t have to sing Mr. Lonely anymore

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Wasn’t there a gag in the movie that he couldn’t catch antelope because he was so sickly and thin? Lol. If he had stress ate from the beginning, it sounds like a lot of his problems would be solved.

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Exactly! Nothing cant be solved by stress eating! That’s a fact

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I used to do this too. I’ve been forcing myself to just engage lately, and stop caring about what others in the forums think. If it’s too late to reply, then they just won’t read it. It’s been quite freeing! I’ve also found that people appreciate a response no matter how silly I may think it is, or how long I’ve taken to respond.

At least we’re all trying!:clap:


@Kaskia Agreed. I find it much easier to have a conversation with a couple of link minded people than attempt entering a conversation with 7-8 people all posting sporadically. I was in one the other day and I enjoyed the conversation but Christ was it exhausting lol. This is much more laid back and easy to get on with.

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This one is also more work friendly lol


I’m trying to be more social I am lol


I’m stealing this :rofl:

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Agreed. I have the setting on dark mode too, so more aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well lol


It helped make my day go faster. Now I’m home lol


Ooh, well enjoy yourself at home (: I get off in 30 minutes. Have to rush home, shower, go to the liquor store, then go see… Uh… sugar plum.

I’m still working on the pet name thing.

I probably won’t be on tonight. I wish you could access Community from your phone. It’d make it a ton easier.

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Call him angel dust haha

And technically you can, I’m on my phone now. Use it in the browser.

I’m watching the walking dead while my son plays with his toys and watching a kids show. Wife is at work


I called him angel once and he didn’t care for that much. Maybe the drug reference will strike a better chord. (That’s an odd sentence to type.)

Oh, really? I thought I tried it once and it wouldn’t let me. I’ll try again, or download a new browser and attempt it.

I tried watching The Walking Dead before but started mid second or third season. It was a marathon a while ago, I thought I caught the beginning. Boy, was I confused.


Lol see if he gets th reference just for shock value it would be funny

I use Google chrome on my phone and it works.

Ive been researching it, almost done with season 2, 1 of my fav seasons


I think I use Chrome, but I’ll check again. It might have just been an error that time I tried it.

I’ll also Google more pet names that are cringy. Maybe he’ll finally give up lol


Thanks, everyone around me thought I’d become a really great comedy writer when I started out :slight_smile:

I think those people were really surprised when I decided instead to be unsuccessful


Lol try putting random words together and see how that works. Maybe like sugarfuzz, lovenugget, angelsnot lol


“Lovenugget” made me laugh out loud. My coworkers wanted to see “what was so funny.”

How do you begin to explain? I kept it to myself.