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Haha the truth. “I’m looking for a pet name for my bf and lovenugget fits!”


Maybe when I’ve had a couple of glasses of whiskey. I’m not sure I could even force the word out of my mouth lol


Haha that would help. We call eachother buttnugget sometimes, not even when we are drinking.

I may call her angeldust tonight lol she loves bobs as much as I do.


Haha, let me know how it goes. I’ll use that as a reference for my turn.


She will either look at me weird or smile when she gets the reference. We reference the show a lot lol


I’m not sure if he’s ever seen it. I’ll have to do some digging before making a decision.


Its a funny show with lots of random stuff to reference. One of our favorite is saying “no, no, not tonight, no” lol


I think I tried watching it a couple of years ago but couldn’t get into it. Sounds like I might need to give it another try. I see lots of funny stills and GIFs from episodes.


They push the boundaries a few times and may be tough to look passed, but its definitely tickles my funny bone


Well, I’ll give it another try! I’ve just recently gotten Hulu and like watching the cartoons on it lol. I’ve been watching Adventure Time and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Brings back good memories.


Let me know what you think about it lol


Will do! I’m about to head out so I’ll either be on later tonight if I figure out the mobile thing or tomorrow afternoon. I have an appointment, so I’ll be coming in late to work. (: Have a good night in case this is the last I chat with y’all today.


You too! Have fun with Angle dust haha


Hello again


Hello, how do you do?


Hungry and sleepy but overall fine. You?


I do quite well fine sir. And how does your day progress?:sunglasses:


Thanks I am fine. Now new story finished


I am fine. Now my story finished


Today is very beautiful.