Writers With Books Under 1k Reads



I am happy


Oh that’s great for you!


Oh I love these two shows! Flapjack is one of my faves.




So, I realized the issue. I thought I had to access community from Wattpad. Did not know it was it’s own website. So I have gotten here on mobile after several failed attempts lol.

He does watch and like Bob’s Burgers. Forgot to try the nick name, I had a bit too much to drink and it slipped my mind. Next time.




Glad you figured it out! Its nice having it on mobile

And haha its a good show

I called my wife that and she laughed


Ha, all the markers are set. Next time he uses a pet name, it’s over for him.

It is pretty convenient. It’s not as fast as it is on my computer but it’s still a nice way I can check in occasionally if I’m not at work.


Lol I’m curious if he will get the reference


The only books I have that are under 1k reads are on hiatus, b/c I’m working on just one book at the top of my profile.



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Thank you Are you happy?


Not necessarily happy but okay haha


I hope You are happy


I have a book that is almost 1k. I’m super excited that it will one day break the 1k threshold!


Congrats! You should link your story in your profile. I’ll give you a few more views.


How did you guys get it on mobile. I haven’t figured it out?


I distinctly remember saying “Do you watch Bob’s Burgers? Do you like it? Good, that’ll come into play later tonight.” and then… it didn’t. Lol. I’m a ditz~


I just typed in “Wattpad Community” on Google and clicked the link. The website is technically a different website than Wattpad, or a sub-site. “wattpadwiters.com” so I just went to the website instead of trying to go to Wattpad and click on it through there.


Ahh so there’s no app. Bummer.