Writers With Books Under 1k Reads


Ah, no, none that I know of. It’d make life easier though, wouldn’t it?

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hello friends! had my last lecture of my degree today and heck

means I’m moving into the studying for my exams period which probably means not much writing but also maybe writing and maybe more socialising? who knows, I have reviews I owe to folks


Anything could happen~ Hopefully the best of the ‘anythings’ though lol. And hello and welcome (:

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There is. This one is on the App Store:

And then I think(?) this is the Android app but my Android phone is out of charge so I can’t boot up to confirm. But it looks the same and I’m pretty sure the source code supports both platforms.

I mean in the end it’s still just a wrapper around the mobile web experience, but it makes managing your communities a little bit easier and you also get push notifications…

(Also hello, I haven’t been here in a while :slight_smile: )


Aw thanks I hope you’re happy too

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That’s amazing!! Cheers!!


Lol there’s plenty of time to call him angel dust


So today I’m working on my feedback and trying to rewrite my first chapter of Cloaks, updated the first chunk of the story with the new to see if I get any feedback from my followers to see if I’m doing better. I’m finding it really hard to edit this chapter, even if I have issues with it myself.


Hey I just breached the 1K barrier last night for my main! I’m so happy:D


I’ve only got a little over 300 reads so far. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome, congratulations! :tada:

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11hrs later and I’ve finished reworking the action scenes in my first chapter. That was a colossal effort and I am now wondering if spending my entire day writing was worth it considering I have no plans for trying to make a career out of this and it is supposed to be fun. Editing is not fun. Anyway, time for bed before I overthink things and try to quit writing again lmao.


Woohoo! Party for you :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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That’s still a huge step!


Thank youu:)

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Yay partyy


I am constantly editing my work, and I have no plans to try and make a career or if this either. I think if you’re happy with the end result it’s worth it.

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You never know whether or not you’ll be a published author one day. And I applaud you for your willingness to revise and review. I don’t do that often…I’m ashamed. So, cheers!

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It feels so weird to be posting a new story, since it’s been over a year since I last uploaded anything to Wattpad. Yet I still get the butterflies posting the first chapter, haha.

I’m also trying not to get too caught up in the numbers, considering my first story did well, and I should realize when I’d posted that story WP was a very different site!


What genre do you write?

Oh yeah, Hi!