Writers With Books Under 1k Reads


On Wattpad, it’s a mix of contemporary/teen fic, new adult and humor!



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ok I want to follow you but you have 69 followers and I don’t want to ruin that for you

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dude please ruin it lol

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I was sleeping and gotta study

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I think I do it too often, like constantly trying to please everyone instead of focusing on actually getting my story finished lmao

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Editing is for yourself too! And you can always finish your writing, if you have the motivation and endurance.

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My main got added on the sapphire reading list of @StoriesUndiscovered !! I’m so excited

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half of the time I don’t think I do have the motivation, its a slow march for me, haha

also - congratulations!

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A slow march is the best way to get to a beautifully refined story:)

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Ah thank you!


hey people

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how are ya


doing great! going to sleep soon~

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me too!



I havent been on the past few days cause ive been working too much with little internet :confused: