Writers With Books Under 1k Reads


I recently joined wattpad but have always enjoyed writing. I too would love to have more readers one day but you have to work your way up of course! I’d love to follow and read your work and I would appreciate anyone that does the same! :blush:


Welcome to Wattpad!

I followed you back, I may check out your stories, idk when though, I will be fairly busy for the next month. I wont be home for almost 3 weeks :frowning:

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I’m on that get your friends to read your shiz shiz


Thank you and hey, you’re good! I’m also quite busy with college and what not. I will try to eventually read your stories as well! :yum:

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Lol. I’m going for my annual training for the military and since ill be gone for so long, I have a lot to prepare at work and then spend time with family before I go.


If I have service, ill probably read a lot while I’m at training lol


Hey! I’ll follow you back right now♡


Oh, well good luck to you then! Which branch are you in or going into?


Thanks soo much! :bluehearts:


I’m in the army, been in for awhile


Well thank you so much for your services :relieved: I also applaud you for having the time to write lol


Lol thank you.

I’m in the reserves, my day job is usually slow. So I do all my writing at work


Hi there,

Advertising for your book is not allowed outside of the #share-your-story threads. I’m going to have to remove your comment.

Thanks for understanding,
Fray - Community Ambassador :frog:

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I wish the reads per chapter could only be 1 per person. I got 5 reads today but no comments or anything lol. I fill like it was 1 person who may have read 1 chapter and maybe reloaded the page or stopped and started a few times.


I think you only get one view per chapter per update unless you were editing it as they were reading it. So it’s probably one person who read through it. Cause like after I made a major edit to a chapter, my view adds to the count (but only sometimes). I haven’t figured out completely, but I wish they’d make it more accurate.


Congrats on making it to 1K btw! Super jealous. I’m along way away. You’ve officially made it into the top 10%. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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One of my stories is up to 12 reads!!! Woot Woot!


Good afternoon, everyone!

Today was a very busy day at work so I couldn’t really stop by, but I’ve caught up here.

Welcome to the new folk, congrats on y’alls read count going up!

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I’ve been too busy watching the notre dame burn to get any work done or to slack off.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of news articles all over Reddit about it. I was so stuffed in work I had no idea. Wild.


I haven’t been here in a while. How are you all?