Writers With Books Under 1k Reads



So I am new here and I would very much like to join. I have a book “Saving Him” it has only been about 2 months and I got 44 reads. Then again I do somewhat slow updates. Anyways I would love if you guys were to check it out sometimes!


I’m changing up the tags ever so often to see if that will help. All are relevant, I just want to see if anything boosts the numbers. I’ve got 60 reads right now, started posting last year :disappointed:



I am participating in a contest called the global awards.

I would appreciate it so much if you all would go check out my book and leave your honest review on it.

It’s a humble request. And I’m doing a follow for a follow!

Here’s the profile @lily_white_ as people find it offending when I post a link to my story!

My book genre is “poetry” which is more of a prose really.

Book’s name is “Musings”

THANK YOU :kissing_heart:


I get you. It has been the same for me. Only 188 reads in two years.


Thank you! Is it really top 10% because everywhere I look around I see writers with 5k+ reads


It’s such a tragedy. My professor talked about it in class today.


Doing well, except for the fact that it’s midterm szn haha


Oof, RIP


My book is called Adrian and it’s on 10 reads


it would suprise me if I ever got to 1K reads, I am not great at tagging and selfpromotion


I’m not 100% sure how it works or of Wattpad even knows.

There’s a middle chapter with 1 read and the ones past it has 3-6 reads each




Personally, I think the read count isn’t 100% correct or the tags/ranks are still glitchy.


ah fun, that makes gaining readers even harder, oh well I will just keep on going with writing, am happy enough that I finally am writing some of my storries down with some of the songs I made for the stories


aka everyone


Good morning. ^~^ How’re you today?


I’m good, mostly lol. Trying to stay out of trouble on twitter.

How are you?


On Twitter? It’s nearly impossible lol

Same! Work is very dramatic today. I’m not sure if it’s the weather finally changing to spring that’s got everyone in their feelings, but two of my team members have fought, one cried, and another one threw up from stress. It’s been a wild day.


Wow that sucks.

I saw that 1 of the Netflix accounts was telling people to stop using “Chick flicks” to describe Rom-coms. lol

That and some lady had the nerve to talk trash on a guy who got so excited for the new star wars trailer that he cried, she said some stuff about him and called him “Undateable” and talked more trash on others who came to defend him, even a very well known Video Game creator. It boggles my mind how people act like that…

Btw! Read your prologue lol


Oof, I can’t get behind people who pretend their opinions are superior. “Oh, you like those films? Those lights and sounds? They’re terrible, you should like these instead.” Lol.

Undateable? Sounds like someone’s projecting. May her bed frame forever be unever and she never sleep perfectly flat again.

Oh gosh lol I’m in the process of trying to edit. I think I rushed it too much so I’m trying to fix a few things. I didn’t really do anything in the prologue or first two chapters so it’s still the old writing. Hope it wasn’t too terrible :sweat_smile: