Writing About Type 1 Diabetes (I can help!)

About: I know about type 1 diabetes and can help with the following topics:

  • Daily Life
  • How it affects eating habits
  • What they carry and need

Payment: Since all I want to do is help, I will offer my services for free. No, you don’t even have to mention me.

Just reply or DM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. :grinning:

Please tell me about daily life with type 1 diabetes, I am intrigued.

With type 1 diabetes, you have to inject yourself with needles every day. You do it before every meal, whether it is to inject insulin or to test your blood sugar. Before every meal, you test your blood sugar. Also, you have to calculate the carbohydrates (carbs) of everything in the meal. So basically, you don’t eat much sugar. Then, after you have calculated the carbs, you dose (inject insulin). Certain calculations are different for each person. After you dose, you wait a little bit and then eat.

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I just stumbled upon this and I happen to be type one diabetic. I even once tried writing the classic person gets hit by a truck, goes to another world anime scenario but the hero is diabetic.


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Thank you, I appreciate that.

Sounds fun!

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