Writing Buddy (0/2)

Hello, I’m Lu! I’m a nineteen year old genderfluid.

  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Writing Buddy
  • Genres I read: All - Western, Paranormal, Urban, and Science Fiction
  • Genres I write: See above
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: Typcially looking for someone 18+, is in EST, and is willing to not only listen and critique but share and get critique as well. I’d prefer if you had discord but its not a requirement. I have around four plots I wanna develop - I don’t require my partner to have one at all - I just ask that you present your ideas so it’s an equal exchange. :>

Hello. I have ideas for a medieval Ben 10 AU if you are interested.

Sorry, I’m mostly interested in working with original story lines. thank you for the interest though ;u;

Hi. My name is Brianna and I am 22. All of my works are original. I have some paranormal and science fictions I am working on.

Hi! The genres listed are ones I have no interest in ;;; Thank you for your interest though!

Question: If I become your writing buddy, what do you require? Do you want to start a new story and work on it as a collab or do you want help in your already existing (published) story? Also what genres do you want me to write?

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