Heyyy guys! I’m currently looking for a writing buddy, someone willing to get to know my story inside and out to help me through writers block, have occasional “writing wars”, let me rant about my characters and story struggles, and maybe perhaps proofread through some of my work before I publish it on occasion.

I’m 100000% willing to do the exact same for you, like literally let’s just talk all day about our novels and brainstorm together… I’m looking for a really strong partnership with my writing buddy who’s incredibly dedicated to their work and who’s writing style matches mine!

I read and write Dark Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Horror, etc. Anything with darker characters and story lines with a twist of the paranormal really intrigues me ! I’m totally okay with LGBTQ+ characters and werewolf and vampires novels (though I’m more familiar with vampires…) Here’s my story summary and cover for an idea of what you may be getting into! Feel free to PM me for serious inquiries!

Aila Vex’s blood runs black

She’s been searching for the answers to her mysterious bloodline for the past two years, killing any demons that stand in her way. But after a mission goes wrong, the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted. Whisked away to a sanctuary called The Black Order by the stubborn - but noble - Damien Hawthorne, Aila will need to resist the dark urges of her blood and aid the Order in their fight against her kind: the demons.

A war looms on the horizon, one that will take all of Aila’s strength to fight as she attempts to find her true place in the world. Torn between siding with Damien and his hunters, or letting loose the darkness flowing through her veins, Aila know it’s only a matter of time before the demon’s come to claim her as their own.



Hello there, i’ve written mostly scifi and undegenres and Fantasy, but particularly low fantasy.

I’ve written 7½ books now. and am currently revising an old project.

I would love to get in touch and i need a writing buddy.

I also write a lot of poetry

I wont lie to you, i’m not the best writer, not the worst either. i spend most days writing and researching and am highly interested in a dedicated discussion with a critique partner, that values the ping pong thats neeeded as well as keeping to a schedule and helping out with your project.

So if you want to we can see if our writing abilities are compatible what do you say?