Writing Buddy Needed!


I would love a writing buddy.
Someone that I can talk to about my writing or whatever is swirling around in my head, and would hold me accountable.

I typically read and write fantasy, supernatural, and romance. I love vampire stories, though I don’t often write them and I love an old fashioned cliche romance. Strong female protagonists are my favorite.

It would be great to find someone that would hold me accountable for writing. I would love to have someone to talk through my plot points with, trade ideas with, be an online internet friend.
Also, I am 25 years old, so it would be cool to find someone of a similar age. Besides writing, I like listening to and analyzing alternative/rock/pop music, talking about harry potter plot points, and watching terrible tv (in genres stated above). Also, planning my hypothetical wedding… proposal from boyfriend still pending.

Currently, I have several books outlined out, all in varying states of development:

  • Essential: In a dystopian future, a young woman possesses the ability to control the elements, but struggles with addiction to the power that she is able to wield. She finds herself a target of the tyrannical leaders of the land, and must work to overcome her addiction and guide the people under the government’s thumb to rise up.

  • Vital: Takes place in years after Essential, when those that can use elements are all but extinct, and the only ones who remember are forced to live in the shadows. These people are essentially vampires, or at least those that inspire the legends. After a girl on the verge of graduation almost kills her ex-boyfriend after a night of drinking, she begins to learn about her ancestry and what that means for her future.

  • Compass: Another girl on the verge of college graduation has a whirlwind, one night romance with an attractive rock star. Its pretty much my favorite cliche, but it came together after I had a dream about Shawn Mendes serenading me. So, I have a particular attachment to it.

  • Chosen: Every year, the thirty, population controlled, 18 year old humans are sent away to learn the skills for their given career in the oligarchical vampire society. Six students each are sorted into one of four “schools”: Arts & Trade, Science & Research, Education & Histories, and Hospitality & Services.

  • I’ve also put a fair bit of thought into an Ilvermorny-based HP fanfic. Mostly relating to what I think the school would be like and what the role magic would take in the modern day United States. So… if anyone that wants to nerd out about this with me, I’m interested in taking this idea further.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. Please feel free to reach out! As a buddy, I would also LOVE to read other people’s work, and serve as someone to bounce ideas off. I consider myself pretty good at editing, and would be available to edit before posting if need be.

If anyone thinks I sound cool, I would also be interested in co-writing. A writing friendship is really the goal here.

Let me know if interested? :slight_smile:


:raising_hand_woman: I would be interested if you’re still looking! I actually have my book published up now (but I’m currently going through and editing it), and I’m always looking for help on the general idea of it so far… I also need someone to hold me accountable to my writing, I’ve been slacking off lately and I NEED the motivation to finish editing it!


Hello, I’d be interested in being your writing buddy =) Sounds like we have similar tastes in genre and we’re the same age.


Do you like Danny Phantom and Star vs the Forces of Evil?


I am actually interested in having a writing buddy.


Hello! I would definitely be up to holding you accountable for your writing. I keep a pretty strict schedule (not too intense, just consistent) and enjoy talking about reading/writing. I have pretty eclectic tastes overall, but I generally like science fiction and fantasy such as Ursula K. Le Guin or Neil Gaiman. I perhaps presumably also consider myself to be a fairly decent editor.


Another 25 year old right here!

Looking at your ad, I believe we’re looking for similar qualities in a writing buddy. We work in similar genres. In the past I’ve focused mainly on Teen Fiction and YA contemporaries with romantic subplots. Because of that your story, Compass, sounds right up my ally. While I don’t dive into fantasy too much, I do have an interest in stories with supernatural and paranormal elements and hope to incorporate that into my future stories.

Shoot me a DM if you’re interested!

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