Writing Chain Game: Help write the worst Soap ever.

You can insert any genres you like, but make it soapish as possible.

For those foreigners that don’t know what a Soap is, it’s a Soap Opera, basically a melodrama that goes on forever and a day until it gets canceled broadcast usually during daytime TV, traditionally for housewives. Usually with huge casts as well and all different story lines. So more soap is more melodramatic and near to impossible. Also followed by some of the most dramatic music.

Note: It’s a chain story. So pick up on the last post’s plot twist and twist it harder. Make it as melodramatic as possible.

Bobbi the werewolf was caught in bed with Alice, the vampire… dun dun dun

Like, write a summary, or a short story?

Just continue it. What new plot twist is there once that happened?

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Alice was found to be running a crime orginization that kidnaps people and steals their blood, by Bobbi, from some notes in the trash. Bobbi actually had a halfbrother who was accidently killed by this orginization and swore to get revenge for his death.


Bobbi meets up with a kitsune, who offers to destroy the vampires, and he agrees. In exchange, she wants him to vandalize a shrine, which he does happily, not realizing it was for Alice’s mom. The kitsune hires a deadly centaur assassin. Alice finds out, and contracts a centaur pack to hunt them down. But someone from the centaur pack is actually the girlfriend of the assassin.

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oh you’re good at this, that took me a reread or two to figure out

The centuar pack hunts the centuar assassain down and kills him, and only when he’s dying does the girlfriend realize it’s her boyfriend.
She swears to never kill again, but first wants to kill all her murderious mercenary centuar bretheren who killed her boyfriend. She enlists the help of a vengeful spirit who had her shrine destroyed, who is actually alices mom.

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I’m Indian, and Indian soaps have cliches that are beaten. to. death.

So, how about the woman who marries a clueless joker and the evil aunties try to get her killed, but she’s still pure?

Oh, and don’t forget the millions of filters, camera zooms, and dramatic music every 3 minutes. Double it if someone gets slapped!

Continue what’s here. It’s a chain story. What happens next?

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The kitsune had a grudge against Alice’s mom because Alice’s dad cheated on the kitsune. When the kitsune finds out about the dead centaur boyfriend, she replaces him with a spirit named Bobby, who was the halfbrother of Bobbi. Bobby attacks Alice, but she’s saved by her mom, who tells Alice that Alice’s dad had to save her life when she was very young and did that by cleansing her soul with the help of an intelligent human named Ramse.


The kitsune’s real name is Ameratsu, who was once the Sun Goddess over everything, but got trapped in a kitsune because it turns out that Bobby’s uncle’s Best Friend had trapped Ameratsu with their mirror and left it in the Inari shrine. But the Kitsune was sealed, so no longer remembers anything except their hatred for Bobby.

Ameratsu swears revenge on Bobby, but mistakes Bobbi for Bobby, because the Kitsune only heard Bobby’s name and now plans to try to use Alice’s Dad to kill both Alice’s Mom and Bobbi through a deep dark magic.

Alice then finds out Ramse is a cyborg from the future hellbent on killing the kitsune.


Ramse and Bobby are both reincarnations of Arahabaki, the nemesis of Ameratsu. As such, they team up and decide to kill Ameratsu. Meanwhile, the actual kitsune that Ameratsu took over starts to rebel, giving Ameratsu occasional uncontrollable fits and periods where the kitsune takes over. The Arahabakis learn of this and enlists Riki, another vampire, to find a special herb that would help the kitsune take over. Riki is the sister of Alice but doesn’t realize what the herb is for.


They find the herb, but don’t realise that it is actually fake and it has the opposite effect than they desired.

Riki, wanting to test the herb, took a leave off of it and consumed it. Her eyes went wide. After consuming the herb, Riki collapsed to the ground. Ramse and Bobby think that Riki is dead, but when they go to see if she is dead, they find that her heart beat is twice as fast! Her eyes flew open, causing Ramse to jump back in fear. Whilst jumping back, Ramse accidentally shoves Bobby down to the ground, causing Ramse to stumble down with him. Alice immediately jumps up to help them, due to her kind spirit, and trips on her own feet. This causes her to fall onto the others.

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Riki is a combination of Susanoo and Riki, and Susanoo takes over and immediately flies to the kitsune. Amaterasu takes over and starts fighting, and the start duking it out.

They find out Amaterasu had a girl with Alice’s dad, and they meet Habara, part vampire, part kitsune.

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Meanwhile, Anansi, the Spider God of West Africa hears about Ramse, and decides that he needs to correct the wrongs of time travel, so goes to see Alice and reveals Alice is an incarnation of Nyame, but not a reincarnation of the god, but a broken piece of him. This shocks Alice.

Alice hates this, so she tries to commit suicide, but then Habara stops her and reveals their relationship.

Alice unable to cope with all the new information decides to retreat to an unknown place to process her thoughts where she meets a handsome stranger, Habari.

Alice realises then that the shrine is her long-lost father and marries the kitsune. Nonetheless, the kitsune is Alice’s mother cousin.