Writing classes


I hear y’all talking about this and think to myself, why isn’t that here? What are they exactly? Someone, enlighten me!



Okay! Here I am!

I’m currently taking an intro to fiction class right now, and let me tell you…

Writing classes are not that great.

You’re thrown into groups with a bunch of newbies, which is great for newbies.

But when you have a few years experience under your belt, it annoys you SO much.


I can seriously go on and on and on about this class.

There is just SO much that I hate about it.

It almost makes me hate writing, too!

But uh… let me know if you have specific questions, yeah?


I know Wattpad has worked with skillshare before to offer a version of a class.

The writers portal has a lot of great information that could basically be used as a study area (http://Wattpad.com/writers).

I think writing classes can have their pros and cons. The best way to write better is to write more, but sometimes learning some new tricks can definitely help craft.


Oh, and this is just my experience with it.

I’m sure there’s a creative writing class out there that’s amazing.

I’m just not in it right now.


Not gonna lie, though, but being badmouthed by my TA the other week hurt my feelings.

Oh, and let’s not forget how he embarrassed me by offering me a book randomly.


What would you advice a non-native Emglish speaker to do to enlarge their vocab?


Just try to read more. Read as much of you can of anything you can get your hands on.

Anything from scientific articles to romance novels and everything in between.

I don’t bother to study vocab or the likes, but I’ve picked up a lot of handy words from reading.


Anywho, I got feedback today from my critique group.

It amounts to… praise, people telling me to write more, and others saying my story has no conflict.

I want to flip many tables.


Going to second what @lumi said. One of the greatest things a writer can do is read more.


I read as much as I can. I watch English youtubers and streamers, movie and series and such. If I search news, I usually click on English sites too


Oh, and in previous weeks, people complained about me not using the f bomb enough.

And then there was the whole thing where people didn’t like how I made a “mean” character nice in a scene. They failed to grasp that humans are 3D and that I was aiming for realism. asdfghjkl.


I believe you mentioned this before, but I could be wrong


As you can tell, I have many, many words and feelings about this class.

All the professor does is lecture once a week about assigned short stories to read.

Then we have workshops on Thursdays where it’s just a huge joke.

I am very very happy workshops were canceled today. I hate going to them.


I rant about this class a lot, so I probably did.


I have to agree with @Lumi I’m not sure there’s a PERFECT writing class out there. The ones I took in college were similar to Lumi’ s description. But then again I guess it depends on what you want from the class. Some people only want to be praised. Some want help with their style. Some want specific help with their current pieces… I think this makes it a lot harder to find a really good writing class. I had a few decent ones, but again, nothing perfect ^.^


I think that’s a perfect explanation, it depends what someone wants out of it.


Literally everyone in my group, including me, is doing it to fulfill an art GE.

So… you end up with a lot of people rushing their writing and not caring.


I wouldn’t hate this class so much if the workload was smaller.

Seriously. 11 critiques a week? That, along with Physics and genetics, is killing me.


And I feel like that reallt ends up not helping very many, if not any. :confused: