Writing diverse characters


I have recently realised just how much my characters lack diversity and I feel it would really change up my writing to improve this problem. Because of this, I am asking you guys to list the culture/s you associate yourselves with and some key (or in-depth if you have time) descriptions of your culture.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Festivals/celebrations
  • Use of language (towards different types of people)
  • How family and friends of family relate (eg. in the uk people tend to keep their friends separate from their family)
  • Home life (family members you would live with, eg. in China people live with Grandparents and parents with grandparents as their primary carers)
  • Travel (common vehicles or methods of transport)
  • Traditional foods (snacks and foods for meals)
  • Anything else which I’ve missed!!

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you guys are inspired by this thread as well!


Talk the POC has a really nice book like that out called Writing POC 101! It’s a great resource and I use it all the time!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Yeah, its great but I’m still open to more personal responses.

Appreciate it xx


I think I’ll follow this thread too. I’d love to see what people say!


We have Òlavsøka in the Faroe Islands :smile: It’s to celebrate the Norwegian king Olav who was part of Christening the islands. It’s a two-day celebration where the end of the rowing competition takes place and the winners are crowned.

The boats are traditional Viking row boats and are built in the same way as a century ago.

It’s also a good excuse to get absolutely smashed for two day :joy:

In Denmark we have a lot of music festivals. We actually have the most music festivals in Europe per capita. We love music festivals.

Well, we speak Faroese in the Faroe Islands and Danish in Denmark. Most are fluent in English, some are fluent in German too.

Don’t know if there’s a different way of speaking to other people, tbh.

That’s very subjective. In my family, my parents “adopt” my friends. They know my brother’s closest friends too. One of my best friends is invited for pretty much all family gatherings and my extended family knows her too. It’s awesome.

It’s pretty normal by Western standards. Parents and kids live together.

Since I’m a hybrid, split between Faroe Islands and Denmark, we usually travelled to the country we didn’t live in to visit family.

Denmark is pretty… Boring with traditional food. We eat a lot of bread with different toppings on it. Also, lots of pork. We have a very large pork and dairy industry, so both are often consumed.

In the Faroe Islands we eat mostly lamb, fish or whale. Most of the meat is either salted or dried (borderline rotten)
Nothing goes to waste, so even the sheep’s head is eaten too.
And then there’s the endless supply of potatoes… Lots and lots of potatoes. Nothing besides potatoes can really grow up there, so it’s potatoes with fish, potatoes with lamb, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.

Both Denmark and the Faroe Islands have rich music scenes and I’d highly recommend you check them out!

Most known names from Denmark are Lukas Graham, Mø and Ohland.

From the Faroe Islands it’s Eivør, Teitur and Týr (Týr is Viking Metal)

Feel free to ask additional questions!

Also, if you’re looking to diversify the character’s skin colours, I can recommend Writing With Colour

And if you’re looking into different sexualities check out the official LGBTQ+ channel on Wattpad.


So I’m an Indian Hindu person.

we have Diwali, Navarathri, Holi, etc
We have many different languages in India (Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Sanskrit)
We sometimes live with our parents as kids, but it’s not uncommon to live with your grandparents either.
We have rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, cars, buses, metros, etc.
It depends on the culture. I’d say do your research because each state has their own cuisine.
At weddings, WE DON’T WEAR PLAIN WHITE. We wear long dresses embroidered with jewels and such. At some weddings, we wear sarees (look it up). At funerals, we wear white generally.

That’s pretty much it. I hope this helps!


I think it’s great to want to write more diverse characters! I don’t know if I fit into any group you would be interested in learning about, though. If you decide what kinds of characters you’re interested in really diving deeply into research about it, I’ll check to see.


Hi there, there is a thread located here Share Your Culture that features various cultures from many wattpad readers and writers. If you are looking for cultural accuracy and inclusion I think we may be able to help as well.


Sorry for taking such an age to get back to you. It is so awesome to read about your culture and thank you so much for sharing!! I’m looking at starting a new book - without finishing all the rest (typical me) - soon so there might be a character from Denmark or the Faroe Islands :grin:


Thank you so much!! This is awesome and I’m so sorry for taking such an age to reply. I feel like there are a lot of Indians who don’t live in India so perhaps the new book I am starting could include a migrant from there x


Thanks and sorry for the slow reply…


It’s no problem at all! I’m glad to help!