writing fluff



Not that popular haha. Which is why I try to post as often as I can (which is like once a month lol). And no one yells at me, I just feel guilty :joy:

But gosh, it would be pretty nice to be at least a few chapters ahead! Summer needs to hurry up and get here so I can devote a little more time and get ahead.


Thank you so much, that’s really encouraging. I’m probably my worst critic as well–this is probably why I’m so agonizingly slow sometimes too :upside_down_face: I’ve got to squash down the perfectionist in me!


I think we’re all our worst critic. It’s a constant battle with myself not to succumb to my “I suck” moments. I just repeat this mantra: I can always fix it in edits.

Now that doesn’t mean I will edit, but I can edit. So whatever flaws I have in that first draft are okay. I can fix it in edits.

So try using that mantra and see if it helps you get through that first draft.


I write so much fluff that I think I’ve invented a new genre…“wholesome”. :rofl:


I’m a big believer in torturing my characters. :joy:.


Omg yes! I keep doing this!


Start as close to the catalyst as possible…the event that catapults your characters into the story.




I’m going to try to release all my most wholesome works on Wattpad (they’re still rough drafts now) so I can officially be the most wholesome writer here. :rofl::+1:


Best of luck to your wholesome work :rofl: I would love to read it when they’re out:grin::joy:


I’ll totally let you know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this advice! It’s hard though to get through that first draft without wanting so badly to go back and rewrite everything and change everything. I’m finding it a real journey to force myself get the the end because then I feel I’ll be so much better informed about my characters and plot to start all over again! And get rid of any fluff that’s not needed but had to get out there in the first draft just to test the waters! :slight_smile:


It took me forever to follow the “okay if it sucks, fix it in edit” route because I really am my worst critic. I just got to that point where I knew I would never finish anything if I didn’t follow that code.


I totally understand - and I’ve had to remove the idea that anything I make public should only be the most perfect, final version - it’s so hard to change that thought process!! I’m totally following your advice and writing notes all along the way whenever I know I have to fix something so I’ve got it noted for my next draft!! I am slightly guilty of, whenever I get writer’s block, writing my very first paragraph in a whole heap of different styles and from different povs - just to spark those idea again - I’m keeping them all for laters!!


This part was actually easy for me thanks to the person who plagiarized me. When I first started posting on FictionPress I would try to catch all my typos and other small errors like that. Then someone took my story and posted it on Wattpad which is how I joined here. Ever since then my mindset is that I’d rather there be typos because if someone is going to steal it, at least they’re stealing the typo filled crap LOL And, at least thus far, nobody is spending money on my writing so it’s not the end of the world if there’s a typo here and there. I mean that’s probably not the best mindset to have, but it does help.


Oh wow what? That sucks - what a cr*p way to join here - I’m sorry that was your experience. Yep, that makes total sense now to publish with the spellos etc - I shall continue with my crazy all over the place tenses and not feel bad about it! And at least you know you have control back over your work too, right?

It frustrates me reading how much plagiarism goes on here, but I guess that’s the nature of people who have little imagination of their own! :wink: Imagine if they put the same amount of effort into writing their own stuff that they put into plagiarising, the world would be a much better place! Hey also, be flattered someone thought your idea was so great they had to rip if off! :smile: