Writing help on a fight scene needed

Hi there!:blush: My name’s Sakura. So this is my first ever topic. I hope I’m putting this in the right catigory.

Anyway, I need a little help and figured, what better place to go then to the Wattpad Community!

In my story, Project Shadow, my main character, Natasha Shade has found herself in a face off against a mutant(or meta-humans. Take you pick) and she has no weapons.(she just got off from her “normal job”.)
Now, thanks to my dad, I got the idea to have her use gasoline. Natasha’s going to end up getting the gas from car that was thrown at her in the previous chapter. Now this is where I get stumped. I need a way for her to collect/ carry the gas so she can throw it on the mutant. How would she do that? Do any of you guys out there have any ideas? Plot bunnies welcomed here.

The easiest way to gas from a car, would probably be if she gets a hose a make a siphon (stick the hose in the tank and suck in air to create suction.) She might get gas in her mouth doing this, but that would show she’s rugged. I would want to know as a reader how she learned how to do this too, science class, her mom was a auto mechanic, etc.


This sounds like an awesome scene.

First question, what type of power does she have (if she does have one)?

Second question, is the car on its side? up side down? Uh, did it land on its wheels so it’s well, landed how cars should be?

Third question, is the mutant coming at her? Or does she have time to get the gas? If the mutant is coming at her, is there someone there to give her time to get the gas?

Fourth question, what does she have on her? Just her clothes? A phone? Maybe magic rope? (okay maybe not that but still). You said that she just got off her normal job so is she taking anything from the normal job she could use to help with the gas idea?

Fifth question, what is this story because it sounds awesome and I kinda wanna read it now.

It depends on how the answers to my questions are. If she’s alone, it would be better for you to make it so the car is on it’s side and the gas is leaking out or the tank at least has a hole into it. This would let her find a way to use the gas quicker then if she has to put a hose into the, place a gas thing goes.

If the car is leaking (rather it upside or on its side) she could trick the mutant to head towards it and throw a match/lighter/uh something that causes fire at the gas on the ground. But that always depends on the type of character you have and if she cares about anyone who might be around. If this is at night/day and no one is around but her and the mutant, then I suggest just blowing the car up.

Kinda sounds fun… For a story.

Another way to use gas from a car is to have the thrown car (or any car it crashed into) to have a gas can that has some gas in it. If she doesn’t have some super skill that allows her to carry car tanks, that’s a good idea as well. (I would drive around with one sometimes, so that is something people would do). The gas can would be easy to carry and if it has a cap, a good way to throw gas at the mutant.

If a car was thrown at her, maybe it could start leaking gas, and she could shoplift a bottle, empty its contents, and collect the leaking gas. That’s assuming this takes place near a convenience store, but if it is anywhere with litter nearby (alleyways of cities, urbanized beaches, etc.) she could find a worn-out water bottle and collect it.

If she has some kind of container near by, then maybe the gas has leaked really quickly into a puddle and scoops it up into a bowl or something. Gasoline isn’t harmful to the skin unless it’s been absorbed, but that takes a few hours.

Actually, if she has a job where she has access on the types of chemicals needed to become fire-resistant, you could probably have her cover her hands and just attack the mutant with fireball fists.

so the car was thrown at her she could grab the fuel tank from the engine or she could drive the car assuming it still works into the mutant throwing him off balance and then throw a match into the engine and let the fire burn

I’m not sure a fuel tank would be that easy to access, seeing it’s designed to not be able to fly out easily.

Spare gas tank (canister) from the trunk.

Tear in the gas tank + hubcap = deep dish mutant frier.

Otherwise, the power could still be on in the car, running the fuel pump, with a cut gas line spraying gasoline everywhere (It happens with some car wrecks), meaning all she’d have to do is yank the gas line free and hose him down.

Building off of this idea, I think the coolest way for her to pull this off is if she siphoned the gas, and instead of storing it into some kind of container, she just held as much gasoline as she could in her mouth.
When the mutant charges her, she could light some kind of match or lighter and do a fire breath type deal when the mutant comes close. The mutant can then always freak out and run towards the car that has the siphon and some spilled gasoline around it. The fire on the mutant can ignite the gasoline and cause a huge fiery explosion. Then she could spit and chew some gum and say some dope one liner like, “I hate the taste of gasoline in the morning.”
She could also just spit gasoline onto the mutant and there could be a pause in the action as the mutant stands there and there’s a moment of realization of what’s about to happen when she whips out a lighter. And then same events proceed.
I also understand if this is too cheesy, but I really enjoy rule of cool over the top action stuff lol.

:blush: thank you.

To answer your questions: 1) she doesn’t have any powers. She’s a regular human. An agent. Though she is a skilled hand to hand fighter.

  1. The car landed on it’s side, so she has easy access to the fuel tank.

  2. The mutant starts to come towards, but Natasha’s friend and partner helps to distract it, giving Natasha time to get the gasoline. Granted, she is on a time limit since her friend can distract him for so long.

  3. The only things on her, aside from her clothes, are her cellphone and motorcycle keys. Her normal job is a job at a bakery so I’m not sure that can help. Plus, this fight takes place a block away from the bakery.

  4. This story is sort of a sci fi story. Natasha Shade works for an organization called Project Shadow. Project Shadow works in the shadows of the government, dealing with the supernatural and the strange. The things that the police can’t handle. Think of them as the second line of defense.
    In this book, she’s going to be having to go up against a mad genetic scientist. Hence the mutant. If you really want to read it, PM me and I’ll send a link to the story.

The gas tank idea… I didn’t even think about that. I might be able to use, depending on the story flows:smile:

The siphoning thing is a good idea, though Natasha isn’t a rugged person. This idea would more fit her friend, Marisa. That sounds like something she’d do XD. Thanks for the idea though. I’ll file this way.

This story does take place in a city. My dad mentioned something similar. Using trash near by. I just wasn’t sure how. Maybe I try. I’ll at least keep this idea on the side. Thank you^_^

This idea is epic. I could use this in a later story. Or he’ll, a later chapter!!!

Where would the gas line be located at?? That could be an idea. I haven’t even thought about it for the car would be running or not.

Since the car’s on it’s side, a leak is probably already happening and your character would only need to find something to collect the gas. A lot of debris would end up on the road from an overturned car.

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Thank you to everyone who stopped by to give me some ideas. I was able to finish the chapter and update my story. Thanks!!!:smile:

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