Writing journal?

After watching the movie Annihilation on Netflix, it made me feel high, I loved that idea of mixed DNA of everything! Also bought the book. it inspired me strongly to write a sci-fi and possibly horror story. I don’t have a specific plot idea yet, which is why I wanna create a journal to keep track of ideas, excerpts, etc. Although I’m pretty bad at outlining… :confused:

  • Have you ever kept a writing journal?

  • How do you outline your works?

…honestly, I just talk to myself in chats when I’m inspired by a thought I hadn’t considered for my books. Then cut that and―

paste it into this ↓

Trello, a to-do list app I use for outlining or this ↓

my google drive folder full of notes and chapters.

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I haven’t even created the journal yet and I’m 100% it’s never gonna be organised like that xD Maybe I could use notepads or some app as well.

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That’s just me, no need to follow my example xD

I know xD But it could be better. I am more productive when I write on my phone rather than on paper.

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Here I am. :lumi:

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Hewwo! :dreamcatcher:

So, what’s got you stuck?

Practically I wrote 4 chapters (5k words) but after chapter 1 it’s… boring. Barely 1 event per chapter and then just… thoughts and opinions on society 'cause Idk how to make my protagonist crazy. Because I don’t want it to be 100% obvious, like writing about him cutting himself and laughing or something. I want it subtle… And Idk how :confused:

Okay. Let’s see…

I’m sensing two issues:

a) You think your story is boring.

b) You’re having trouble writing your protagonist as crazy without being cliche.

Is that correct?

I want it to be psychological but haven’t figured out how. 'Cause yeah, I don’t want him to have dead parents or something overused like that.
And I think it’s boring due to the fact that I don’t have my stuff planned out.

Mmkay. Let’s plan.

What made your character the way they are? How were they raised? By who?

Hm… My protagonist is an adult. Like, around 30. So his parents being dead from old age makes sense. I’ve been thinking that in the story, his sister visits him. But in reality, he’s imagining her, she’s dead too. But it sounds too cliche (again).

What does he do for a living? Did he graduate high school? College/university? Any friends? Any significant others?

How old did his parents have him?

‘Cuz… that seems unlikely.

He’s a translator. Meaning, with the advance of technology he has no need to go outside, they can send him an email and he translates it. However, it’s not the best job out there. He has financial issues. He’s only coping for now, the start of the book. Yes graduated high school and university. He had relationships with women in the past, but none of them lasted. The town calls him a madman, they are not fond of being around him and becoming friends. However, the little girl who in the very start of the book is found dead, liked him. Besides her parents disapproval, she loved hanging out with him. Around chapter 3 a new guy in town shows up and he becomes friends with the protagonist as well. Why did I add him in? Ugh Idk. I’m sure he will play… some role.

Dying around 70 is not too unlikely, if per se his parents gave birth to him when they were 40.



Is it a small town? If so, what’s the population size?


How old was she?

Why is this important?

Fertility decreases with age. And if they had him so late, does he have any older siblings?


Damnn this is it, that good ol’ drill test


Ah so many questions xD

  1. The protagonist, let’s call him Brian 'cause that’s his name, wants the pleasure of a relationship, but not the relationship itself. Like one night stands. But not having a family. He prefers being alone. He’d rather be alone near nature than in a town with people.

  2. I… need to expand on that. Just like I can’t make him subtle mentally unstable, I haven’t come up with a reason why he has a bad reputation. For now, all I mention is that his town is small, Idk exactly a number, but it’s the kind of town where gossip spreads like wildfire and people lack their own personalities. They act like a mob, no personal opinions, they all think the same. It’s usually a case of what happens in most villages, but a small town could work too. The lack of having things to do makes the people rely on gossip. So when a crime occurs, a murder, it’s like a bomb. And since they don’t like Brian, they blame Brian. No proof. They just do.

  3. The little girl liked his peculiar personality. Age? I’d say around 10 maybe. Again, his peculiar personality needs work :confused:

  4. Yeah still thinking about it. The end of the story is Brian was framed for the girl’s murder. There was a conspiracy behind it. I may make the newcomer a part of it, trying to befriend Brian to learn what he’s up to to prove himself innocent and make sure he fails.

  5. His sister was older than him.

I am very skilled in asking many questions. :lumi:

Does he have commitment issues then?

Since your entire plot hinges on him being a madman, yes, you do. Hm… have you read “To Kill a Mockingbird” before?

But how does Brian meet the girl? Does he frequent a place that she visits a lot? Park? Beach? Library? If the two are regularly seen having picnics at the beach, this could give more reason to suspect Brian as the killer. And if he’s known to have anger issues, that’s more proof.

But what would anyone have to gain from murdering a little girl?

How much older? Does she still live in the town? Actually… is this town his home town?