Writing LGBTQ+ Romance

So, I’m writing a trilogy that revolves around three sisters. To make a long story short, it’s a story about the royal family of a post-apocalyptic America. The first book was from the perspective of the youngest sister, and the second book takes on the perspective of the eldest sister (Alexa). I’m still in the early drafting stages, but I’ve come to the realization that Alexa is definitely a lesbian. I didn’t plan it, but I feel like I have to stay true to the character I created.

Alexa’s Character Summary

Alexa is the eldest sister and heir to the high duchy of the First Region. Alexa has dedicated her entire life to protecting her younger sister, Isabella, from the manipulative court politics. She’s a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed young woman that looks like a damsel-in-distress, and, despite her best efforts, everyone tends to treat her that way. She’s strong and independent and extremely protective—often to the point of being self-deprecating.

I’ve already established she’s going to get a romantic interest, but I’m worried about cliches. To be completely honest, I rarely read LGBTQ+ books. Is there anything I should try to avoid (cliche-wise) or anything I should know?

I know I might sound silly, but I’m Ace so all of my experience with romance and sexual attraction is purely theoretical.

Don’t make your bisexuals/pansexual cheaters, claim they’re confused/experimenting, or just haven’t decided. Don’t make your lesbians copy-paste stereotypes. I guess that’s it


Just avoid stereotypes that are unnecessary and when her sexuality is revealed don’t make it all about her being LGBTQ+. Write her romance how a straight romance would be written. Some advice I got ages ago was that switching out pronouns for girls to guys and then reading your story out loud. If it sounds the same even with the gender reversal, then it should be realistic enough for gxg, because usually gxg is really fetishized and this allows you to catch anything weird. Humanize and give them interests beyond being gay. That’s about it.


You can add little cues that hint to it so it doesn’t risk becoming a big profound thing, that way it’ll just read and feel like any normal romance. If you want to add confusion and self-discovery to her journey, then it can be subtle. E.g. Someone talks about their heart palpitating when they see their crush, and she realizes that’s how she feels when she looks at her own love interest. Love works in subtle ways and it definitely doesn’t have to be a big gay fiesta.

Also, I’m a gay ace writing gay romances so I’m in a similar boat.

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I… Am going to assume your theory is close to reality. Idk to me Cliche is the “IM GAY AND ITS SCARY!” mainly because I’m from California and live in NY and always surrounded by supportive encouraging Gay is okay people so I never had to “Come out” it was just aye… This is who im dating then move on.

I never cared much for a label per say until I found one that felt right. Also, I feel sexuality is fluid so… Where as platinum lesbians are intriguing it doesn’t instantly make someone bi or pan if they tried it with other or same sexes. It’s kinda like… This is who I am and its not a big deal.

Also… Why the fuck is gxg always a tom boy and a soft girl? I love me a lipstick and where as I am gender fluid in practice It’s more of a “Dude in a dress” I have a “masculine” personality but I love girly clothing.

Never see two fems or more scandal two butches!

Whispers I used to cheat like crazy until I realized poly was an option

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Wow. I didn’t even realize some of those stereotypes existed in gxg fiction. Here’s the relationship I’ve come up with. Tell me what y’all think.

Alexa & Roma

Roma was the daughter of Alexa’s tutor when she was a girl, and the two were best friends. They played together, laughed together, and, when they got older, they became something more. When Alexa’s mother found out about the relationship, she sent Alexa off to finishing school with the clear understanding that she could not pursue the relationship.

When Alexa returned, Roma had left for school, and she decided it was for the best. Alexa dedicated her life to what mattered—protecting her sister and being an honorable High Duchess.

When Alexa gets a six-month life sentence, she has no problem agreeing to her mother’s insistence on an arranged marriage. She wants to leave the world looking like a strong duchess and a competent leader for her people.

But Roma returns, now a doctor-in-training, and Alexa decides that she’s willing to risk public perceptions for a few months of happiness.


Very dramatic.

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