Writing Multiple Books at Once


The last time I tried to write several books at once, I gave up and ended up deleting most of them. Now I’m about to do it again (although I’m a bit more prepared this time).

Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences you’d like to share?


I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very productive (which I’m not). On one hand, it’s great because you can switch between stories if you get stuck, but it’s also bad because of the same reason. Honestly, it’s up to you, but be honest with yourself and what you can handle.


lol I ain’t productive either but I’ve created a decent buffer so it should (hopefully) work out. thank you :heart:


No problem, I hope it works out!


Definitely agree with what Sylvia said. I do it because I know I lose motivation writing one book at a time, and I know how to manage multiple books at once. But for you, it might be different.


I finally that writing multiple books are once helps fight writing blocks. What book I am currently working on depends on my mood. It slows the production of each book greatly, yet it gives you room to breathe and room for your stories to grow. I’d say go for it, and so long as you have a goal of how much you should write everything week, you’ll do fine.


I write/have written a lot of books at once. It takes skill more or less not to get overwhelmed. I have deleted some books off of Watt and slowly am putting them back up once they reach 10 chapters and then updating them with one book that I absolutely love.


I wouldn’t actively write multiple books at once. Too distracting. But it is good to have side projects that I treat as side projects … and that will eventually be moved to WIP status. Sometimes you have to have a place for other ideas to go and I find that if I am stuck on my WIP sometimes taking some time to work on a side project helps out. But you must make sure the side projects stay side projects.


One time, I was working on three books at once… I completed them all in a month (didn’t begin writing at the same time)… it can be done, though it’s a challenge :crazy_face:


@Spider-Hawk @MathiasCavanaugh Both of your strategies are what I use all the time. I have fifty different side-projects because I have creative ideas all the time, and then maybe three that I put all my attention on, in which the major point of focus switches depending on my mood. However, I am not posting any of them until at least one is done, that way I’m not stressed about moving multiple books along for my readers. I would recommend this, but it’s up to the author!


Yes, excellent strategy. I wish I couod make myself do this but I’m only half there, I guess


Don’t do it, lmao

This is why I’ve only been able to finish one book despite having been writing for over a decade. If you do, plan extensively for each book and set a schedule. Work on one book per week, or one through the week and another on weekends.


Totally depends on you.

Personally, I need to work on more than one story, even if I treat one of them as a sort of side project that I update whenever I feel like it. I also don’t stress about weekly updates anymore, since I can’t do it anyway with the way my brain is wired and the fact that my body gives up on me at least twice a week, so… I work at my own pace.

If that’s what you wanna do, and you are not someone to stress over rankings and readers (and promote your works via twitter or other sites), then go for it. It’s your decision, after all.

If you want to gain readers quickly and at a regular rate, however? I would advise against it, since you need to upload at least one chapter a week in order to gain traction. But maybe you’re super fast and a good editor and can pull off even that, then I haven’t said anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately, just think what you want and what works for you in that context. That’s right for you, then.


I like to switch between stories so yes


I prefer switching between stories. For me, it’s about being organized–I am currently working on revisions to the first two books in my series, writing the third book, writing the first book in a prequel, and working on an original book as my series is a fan fiction. The only one I’m having a hard time keeping up with is the original book, because my characters aren’t talking as much. I’m going to need to try something different in writing it I think, because in the fan fiction, there are three point of view characters, and they are the same throughout, except for the prequel (although one of the characters is still a point of view character there). It seems to work better for me to switch back and forth, so I may have to do that with the original–it definitely keeps things moving, because if one character isn’t talking, usually another character is.


I cannot write multiple stories at once.


I’m writing six books right now. But that’s just me because this is how I can function. I don’t mix up ideas or get lost. I can easily keep track. I also need to write multiple ideas or I will get bored with just writing one book.


Standard practice in the industry is to have two projects going at the same time. You finish the first, and then ‘rest’ it for a while so that you can get some emotional distance.

While that project is resting, and later when its with beta readers and editors, you’re working on the second project. Outlining, doing the first chapters, etc. Then you publish book 1, and the second book becomes your primary project. And you keep doing that over and over.


Do it only if you know you can truly handle it (I know I can’t).


If you can do it, it’s awesome. It’s part of my method to rotate between stories whenever I get the motivation to work on another. (Or I kind of lose interest in one for a while)

If you know how to do it and not mix the works together the narratives, defo go for it. But just be observant when you write that you aren’t mixing the WIPs.