Writing Multiple Books at Once


I have 13 unfinished fan fics and 1 novel I’m working on right now.

I always proritise the stories that give me the most inspiration. Some of those fics haven’t been touched in years though.


I’m currently writing nine books two of which aren’t posted yet. It’s definitely challenging and it does take longer to write chapters but it’s also rewarding. Writing like this also helps me with writer’s block greatly and lets me have creative freedom over more things. But I personally can’t focus on just one thing for too long.


I usually can’t and I always feel that I don’t give either story enough attention when I try to write both. I need to dive into one universe entirely to write passionately or else I feel like an outsider and my writing ends up cold and lifeless. Well I’m writing two books now for the first time because a new idea just invaded my head lol so what I do is I write them in periods. Instead of going back and forth every other day between them, I write one until I finish a chapter or two before I get back to the other one.

I know people who can go back and forth between a lot of books quickly though, but I can never do that :disappointed:


I’ve tried it. I turned out bad. Now I only work on one story at a time; however, I will offer you this piece of advice. If you have a few ideas boiling in your brain, get an outline or the first chapter written down before you lose the idea. Don’t force yourself to complete the story in a hurry. You are not obligated to. It’s your story and your time.


I work on multiple WIPs, and for me it’s working out great as long as I’m only posting one of them and keeping my main focus on that story. A lot of it comes down to how your brain works. I need variation in what I’m doing, otherwise I will get bored of it eventually, so I know it’s possible to pull off. Whatever you choose to do, though, I wish you good luck with it!


I can barely keep at 1, 3 is like max overstretched for me. This is because I would never be able to complete my works otherwise (even now they aren’t complete) as splitting my work time for different books would lead to almost no book’s completion. But if you have got enough time and motivation it might work, though I think its better doing it 1 by 1, or at best 2 or 3 books at a time to be able to switch if and when bored.


It really slows down progression any particular MS, but your time is your own.


I completely agree with this. I keep a collection of notecards with random ideas on them. So I can focus on my WIP and still have the ideas to go back to.


Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend writing multiple books at once. Doing that will split up your concentration and keep you hung up for days if (when) you get stuck. Unless you’re extremely good at multi-tasking, I think you’re better off concentrating on one book at a time. It’s less mentally taxing that way, trust me. I’m talking from experience, b/c I’ve got over 35 works on my profile, and 14 of them are finished, 13 others are on hold till I finish writing ONE novel, 2 are on permanent hiatus pending rewrite after I finish ONE novel, 2 are abandoned, and 3 are in draft form (after I deleted one). Unless you’re prepared to face all of this writer’s hell, don’t be like me!


Its honestly a tough job which requires lot of time and dedication. Along with that you need to have a proper schedule so that you can concentrate well on each story. I personally wouldnt recommend it because it gets extremely hard to manage especially if you are a student or working.


I recommend focusing on one story at a time. Mainly because with multiple stories, ideas can become mixed up. You can also overwhelm yourself and quit as a result. Even more, if you tend to push off one story for another it becomes a habit, and can lead to incomplete stories. These are just a few examples, but it also shows a lack of ability to focus. Writers block is hell, I should know, I had more than my fair share. Though most importantly, if you can’t like your story enough to finish it, then well it was a waste of time. By finishing a story, it shows your ability to think diversely, and ultimately it improves your writing abilities. The more stories you finish, the more likely you are to finish other stories. Which is also another reason I would recommend to not write multiple books at once. If anything, it might lead to poor writing. You could rush it, fail to execute relevant points, etc. Anyway, i’m sure I missed some points, so feel free to add on.