Writing out of order


So I just skipped a thousand chapters to the story I’m writing and wrote the epilogue. It was honestly a great experience and I am glad that I did. I think I am going to write out the main climax scene too. I think that should help with the middle (the point where I struggle the most)

Do you guys write out of order? If so, why? Is it better than writing in the correct order?


Nope, I feel like it hurts quality if I do.


Ah, really? I mean, it depends on the writers. This is my first time attempting it. I know that @stpolishook writes out order and she did tell me to do so various times.

Sometimes, I think it helps when people experience writers block on certain scenes. I think it helps to skip ahead and then come back with an idea of where you want the plot to go.


I do that. Usually, I have a skeleton of my story, like, a real real beginning, middle, and end, skeleton.

I have my prologue written, which is usually how I see the story ending, so I know what my ultimate goal is. Then I write normally, and sometimes, I want to write a certain scene, or I get inspiration for a piece that wouldn’t fit the place where I’m currently at, so I’d write that out.

More often than not, though, my story goes in a way different direction than I had planned, but I go with it. I don’t write the story, the story writes itself (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:)

But, yes, I do write out of order, and sometimes I feel that’s the best thing ever. Because when you’re stuck and don’t know what to write anymore, just detach yourself from the place you’re at and let your characters speak to you. That’s how I also sometimes get out of writer’s block, I just put my character’s in a different situation.

Sometimes even just fluff helps to get out of writer’s block. I’d write little scenes that aren’t important to the story, like a date, or a little family dinner, but that would get the juices flowing again and I can start writing again.


That’s true. I generally don’t finish things written that way. Usually the only fix when out of options is to retype everything.


I’ve realised that planning too much ahead of time screws up with my flow. So I have a general idea of where I go with my plot and then I pants ahead. I do get what you mean by the story writing in itself, it is WHY I think that writing out of order is good. I’ve realised that my mind gets inspiration at odd times and it loves skipping ahead. So, if I write scenes that I got inspiration for, it should help. Like I was genuinely interested in the way this story would pan out and so I wrote the ending, and I am quite happy. Of course, things will change as I continue to write. But this way, I have a basic idea of where the characters want to go.

Am I talking too much?


Ugh, I despise rewriting. I salute to all those writers who rewrite like a thousand times. I think it is too much effort. And then my mind keeps throwing plot bunnies at me.

as I was writing the epilogue, I realised that my series will no longer be a duology but will be a trilogy. help me.


It can be a powerful tool as physically retyping the words can spark ideas and fix your flow. I actually only have 2/3 drafts each from it and a completed story.


I totally get it. I do plan to rewrite someday. I mean, I have to, the first draft of my completed story is utter bull. Like, complete trash.


I agree, though, I always kind of have an image of where I want to end up, but it always changes as my characters develop and new ones arise. I loved writing my story Broken because it turned into something I did not plan. Like, I just went with where it was taking me and my end result was not what I had imagined.

So yes, I’m :100: all for writing in a jumbled manner.


The same happened with Talking to the Moon. Believe it or not, I had first intended this to be a simple romance with no complication. It was to be a story between Omar and Ayah, but as I continued to write, Qamar popped up and he made so much sense. Too much sense. He is the MOST beloved character of mine.

And then the whole magic system happened, Wali appeared, more characters were added and the story became a 120K words massive piece. I still cannot believe that I finished that story.


It was such an incredible story! And 120k! x_x I’ve just about reached 80K :sweat_smile: but that’s incredible! And it was such a great story, and each character really spoke out. I loved it!

It’s really amazing how some stories just happen, you know? Like, idk how to say it :sweat_smile: but they just appear. You start off with a banana but you end up with a cow.


Ooo yes it is huge. But then the story has a lot of filler chapters and fluff. I was still getting the hang of posting things on wattpad . . .

The second book is turning out to be the same thing. I think I am approximately 30K in and it is not going according to plan, which is great! My characters are speaking to me. I just added scenes in the rough outline that I told myself I wouldn’t.

Fun. :smiley:


That sounds super fun! xD I love it when my characters speak to me. I can actually hear them and see their reactions to stuff.

I’ve just started writing my first Fantasy story and I think it’s going to be so cliche and overly complicated because I want everything to be in it :sweat_smile: but I’ll see where it takes me.


I find writing out of order can help with some mild forms of writer’s block. Like this one part you just can’t get out and you are fighting with it, I find it helps if you skip ahead a little bit and write some of what comes ahead and then the previous part you were struggling with comes a little easier afterwards.

So that’s how I write. I have linear story writing, one chapter at a time, until I hit some writer’s block then I skip ahead to a part that wants to be written.


YES! :heart: I know how that makes us sound but I feel like I am really getting under their skin. They’ve really started to trust me and talk. It makes thing easier to visualise but harder to control :joy:

Ooo fantasy! Welcome to the team! I know what you mean. Tell me all about it, come on, come on . . . :heart:


Yep. I think when I was writing my previous story I was too scared to skip ahead because I thought I’d lose my flow. But I realised with this story that that might not be the case. I think it helped me make the path clearer in my head. I am going to write the climax scene and see how it pans out.


:joy:this is so true!

xD It’s still a jumble in my head and so complicated but I want it to be about a queen of this realm who got turned into a ghost because of something she did, and basically the story revolves around her daughter trying to find this magic scroll that will heal her mother, but there’s an evil sorcerer who wants the magic scroll for something evil and sends his son out to find the scroll before the queen’s daughter does. Basically a cliche Fantasy plot with a cliche Romance element xD But I want to see where it will take me. I think I want too many elements into it, which is why I’m stuck writing it.


@OmaimaAkbar I mean in the end if you have to change a little bit about the part you wrote ahead I figure it’s no big deal to shift a few things. I mean in my last big book, I wrote several scenes a head and had to shift some things around when I reached them but it all flowed together perfectly afterwards. Plus it’s pretty awesome writing non-stop and then hitting that previously written part and realizing you are now ahead of where you were before.


@OmaimaAkbar im just so proud of you :heart_eyes: First off you are finishing SO much work. Second… i have brought you to the dark side… mwaha. Write out of order! Join the chaos!!:smiling_imp: