Writing out of your comfort zone

I had decided to take on the challenge of writing third person POV deep. It has been an interesting experience learning. Normally first person is my got to but, there has been struggles. I feel like when I ask my friends they find something wrong which makes me a bit frustrated.

Good for you. Third person POV is my favourite way of writing and reading.

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There’ll always be something to improve, so don’t take it to heart. :wink:

I love getting out of my comfort zone. I started writing with females with a similar personality, first person, present tense, typically within the romance genre or with romance as a main subplot. I’ve started writing characters with different personalities and interests, to writing male characters, using third person, past tense, and in different genres.

It’s really fun and interesting to find myself using all sorts of different techniques and ideas. :wink:


It’s great to step out of your comfort zone! I write third person myself (as I usually write long novels with many characters), but I’ve been pushing myself to spread out with different genres.

This is what I want to do for one of my books. I know it would be better in 3rd person (I haven’t started writing it yet) but it pushes me away :sob: I’m so scared because I usually always write 1st person. I don’t even really like reading third person but I still wanna try :frowning:

It’s a challenge especially when you need to learn from a scratch. If you need pointers ask.

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