Writing Series!

How book series have you written from where you started to where you’re at now?

I wrote 3 series before, got 28 books done, but I’ve restarted it now and am making a rewrite. Tis the Ultimate series

Still going with my one series. I like it too much to start a second series though I might start a spin off :thinking:

4 books

A series of novels? Are you kidding me? I’m just trying to finish ONE novel (a novel in stories), so no series writing for me. As for a series of short stories, that’s a little different; so far, I’m writing 2 short story series, one of which includes my current WIP.

I’ve written 6 books total, but no series yet. One of the books, though, has a dossier book (describing all of the mythical creatures) and another book set in the same universe following the daughter of the protagonists in the first book on the way eventually!

This might be kind of odd, but I like doing books in the same universes or fantasy worlds that aren’t necessarily a continuation of the same plot or characters!

Agreed! Writing one novel alone is difficult! Usually I write novellas or split my big novels into a series of novellas while I’m drafting them and then combine them at the very end! It makes it easier, but it’s still a very difficult task!

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I’ve written 2 so far and plan for more in the future. I currently have 19 “books” (some are cover shops, about the author, etc) on my profile and two more in the drafts. I used to have another 6 but I deleted those ones.

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I’ve written the 1st book of 3 different series and the 2nd book of two of those series. That’s about as far as it goes.

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I honestly don’t have the stamina to write a series of novels. I’m just trying to write one shot books, but these one shot books are enormous doorstoppers!

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1/ possibly 9 almost done.

I’m in the middle of rewriting all of “The Damned of the 2/19th” for a publisher.

Twenty-two books, eight novellas.

It took me about 10 years to do. I’m rewriting Book Three into Book Four now, and found that I hated it, since it was written so early and directly conflicts with what became mainstays of the series.

I’ve got three series, two with two books, one with three and a prequel. Currently, i’m planning standalones that can be developed into series. That gives me more querying potential. I love reading series though, and I love writing them.
So much easier, to deal with established characters. On the other hand, especially for Romance, throwing new people together all the time is fun.

One series comprising 4 parts in total. I’m not a big fan of writing a series unless it’s absolutely compelling to me and/or if the plot demands it.

I’ve written 1 series with 5 books in it with 10 chapters to write in the last one. It started out as 1 story, grew to a trilogy, and now it is what it is. I’ve also added a prequel.
I guess it is hard to leave that world.

Once I fell in love with my made up word, I can’t stop writing different problems and adventures for my characters.

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Honestly, I’ve got so many ideas I don’t think I can fit them all into one book, so a series is inevitable, but I’m still trying to finish my first book as a milestone right now.

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How’s your series coming along?


It’s now got 7 books

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