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So, I have this idea for a future book about a guy with an unsound mind crazy and I want to switch between descriptive and simplistic writing styles. Reason? He’s much more observant around nature than around people, because he doesn’t care. So the writing style will be richer and the pace will be slower when he’s out on a walk at the beach or at the park rather than when he’s at home or at a cafe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone try this, which is why I ask wether it’s a good idea to give it a shot.

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It doesn’t hurt to try. It sounds like it could be a really interesting experiment. Often you want to try to stay consistent in your writing, but if you write it in first person, I think it’ll be easier to explain why the writing changes so drastically between nature and when he’s around other people. I mean, some people just notice different things, which makes sense!

I would definitely say give it a try! You won’t know if it works until you do it. And you can always post it on Wattpad and see how people respond to it.

Thanks for replying :smiley: I’m definitely gonna try it now!

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Oh, I love this. Sounds very James Joyce’s Ulysses…

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Don’t know it, but now that you mention it I’ll check it out

Just a taste of what goes on in that book: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/JoyceColl/JoyceColl-idx?type=div&did=JOYCECOLL.LAWRENCEULYSSES.I0012&isize=text worth looking into if you’re feeling a desire to connect narrative style to protagonist perspective

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I think it would be interesting to read :slight_smile: the idea in itself is actually very smart - hiw did you come to think of it? (I want to improve my creativity; leech/copy off yours xD )

Simple: I suck at descriptions so I wanted a way to limit them :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a long time later, but your thread got resurrected. :slight_smile:

I think the concept is good. It would create a POV that has its own internally consistent rules suited to the POV character.

My gut instinct on this would be to approach it subtly. I mean, there would be the difference that is true to the character, but I wouldn’t suggest the style shifts between great extremes of entirely minimal to purple prose or something like that. Just, noticeably different amounts or types of description.

The effect might not be picked up by every reader or right away, but I suspect that on a subconscious level it would create the impression that the scenes outside were more beautiful and peaceful.

Did you have time to try it out yet?

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Agreed! :slight_smile:

The book that this POV question came from has been combined now with another book idea so I’m not too sure if I’ll keep it. If I do, I’ll need a bit more reasoning behind the MC’s love for nature.

I don’t know the character, but the dichotomy could also be explained by an inverse uneasiness with people or society or urban living. Or, yes, it could also be a positive feeling towards nature.

But either way, if you use the technique, it would probably be good for you to know as the author why this difference exists in order to develop and write the character. But, the reader wouldn’t have to know that same reasoning. They would just understand there was a difference from being shown through the style.

I just mean, it’s not, to my thinking, necessarily to finalize the reasoning in order to start writing it.

I just checked my notes and yes, I can make it work.

Town is full of gossip and he’s a loner, so they are easy to blame him if they can find proof.

He believes that killing the ones he cares about is a way to “remove” them from the society (which he hates) and have them solely for himself.

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This vaguely reminds me of Nny “immortalizing the moment”. :smile:

What’s that?

There was this comic called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

gory details

And in one section he manages to get a date/girlfriend. And then he’s so happy in a moment with her that he tries to kill her. And he says he’s trying to “immortalize the moment” like in his homicidal mind it somehow makes sense that a person preserve a moment by ending life.

She get’s away.

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now i wanna see the comic :rofl:

It’s by Jhonen Vasquez, the same guy who created Invader Zim. It wasn’t a long series so it’s probably available in a collected form.

What site? I’m honestly clueless with comics XD

Lol interesting

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If you search for the title/author you will probably get better results than if I recommend it.