Writing with Health Issues.


Does anyone else have Mental health issues that they have to cope with while writing? It gives my writing a Middle School, High School style flair to it. I have suffered anoxic brain damage (11 mins without oxygen), ADHD, bi-polar II. My husband is my editor. I live in a fantasy land with a lot of great stories. Plus when I was going growing up I would have vivid dreams. I want to turn them into tales.


I have had OCD since childhood, and self-diagnosed ADD (but I’m a psychiatrist, LOL :joy:). I don’t see how mental illness could interfere with your writing, in fact I believe it empowers your words and gives an impact to what you have to say.


Thanks. I am less worried about the ADHD than I am about the brain damage. It cause loss in language abilities sometimes. I forget words, how to spell, what words mean, use words in the wrong context, and other problems.


Insomnia, ADD, depression, anxiety. I push through those however and try to write. I’m sure you can too! <3 I mean, I agree it’s a bit tougher, but it can still happen!


I understand how hard sometimes this could be, never give up, this’s what counts. :slight_smile:


I have depression, OCD, PTSD, and anxiety. My mental illnesses are there alllllll the time, but that doesn’t stop me from writing because I don’t let it.

My job on the other hand… :rofl: By the end of a long week, I’m usually too tried to write and I have to push myself to.


Not exactly chronic mental illness but I suffered from amnesia due to a head injury a few years ago. It happened just after I finished writing a short story that I was very proud of and excited about. As a result I got to read the story I wrote without know what was going to happen. It was awesome.

That being said I do wonder if there are any lingering effects that I wouldn’t have otherwise.


Does the head injury you received have any other effects? My brain is like swiss cheese sometimes.


Thanks. That is good advice. I think I just need to keep on truckin’.


Nothing I have ever had diagnosed. My brain feels like a bag full of cats sometimes but that might just be due to stress.


Small in comparison to the trials that many of you suffer, but I have bad OCD, I know it is getting worse. I also am badly introverted and over analyse everything, resulting in more stress.


I, too, am introverted so much it is stressful. Going outside and getting things done is a big ordeal. My biggest hurdle is my brain damage right now.


Great books are not written, they are rewritten. So don’t worry about it. My first drafts can be the definition of a hot mess.

Go. For. It.


Exactly! My job is the one thing that keeps me from writing. :joy:


My hurdle is my "editor’ makes huffing and puffing noises when I ask him to go over 400 words.


I can’t possibly say that I understand your suffering, because it must be tough dealing with the brain damage. I’m sorry about that. Would you mind elaborate what kind of perminant damage that did to you?

I have GAD and ADD. I was diagnosed recently and I am an adult in my early 30s. I learned to cope and possibly use it for my own good.

For example:

  1. One of ADD’s powers is hyperfocus. I learned how to do that, not all the times, but most of the times.
  2. Also, GAD gives me vivid nightmares. I know, it can be scary, but it is also a great source of inspiration.

So, you might wanna learn more about your conditions and how to cope with them. I hope this helps :heart:


I was without oxygen for 11 minutes. They just did an EEG to get a better idea of what issues we are looking at. I have cognitive issues. I sometimes spell words erratically, use words that don’t exist,use words in the wrong context, have trouble remembering word, and other such thing. It is classified as an anoxic brain injury.


I’ve been diagnosed with Autism, depression, and anxiety along with a few other things and taking medications for both depression and anxiety. I’ll have days where I feel super motivated and inspired to write, then the next I’ll just be editing because I feel meh. Then there are days where I don’t want to write at all.

The days where I don’t want to write make me frustrated since it’s really the only hobby I have since I’m broke right now and don’t really have anything else to do except read.

Reading is good, but when you’re tired from writing, sometimes it’s not the best thing to do. Not saying that’s always the case, but there are days I feel like that.


I even have days where reading isn’t a good idea either.


Real life is just terrible sometimes isn’t? lol

To be honest, I love LOVE teaching. But it can get in the way of writing.