Writing with Health Issues.


It isn’t like he has lots of things I am interrupting. I am interrupting YouTube time. Oh Noes!

I wanted to be a librarian but the brain messed that all up. My muscles randomly give out and I can’t pass a math and science class.


That sucks. But the fact you refuse to quit says all sorts of good things about your character.


Me: Cerebral palsy, ADD/ADHD, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, chronic depression, Factor Five Leiden, high BP (which is being medicated), Vitamin D deficiencies, Recurrent Calcium Stone Disorder (meaning my body automatically creates kidney stones from any excess calcium in my body), and some more issues related to getting old. lol


CP is Neuro, right. Does it have cognitive side effects? If so, how do you handle them?


It’s serious brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen in the womb. My umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck twice, cutting the oxygen to my brain. Yes, it has some unfortunate side effects, but I’ve been managing them for awhile now.

Unfortunately, I seem to experiencing more unusual things related to my CP than I would like to admit.


My lack of oxygen (11 mins), was when I was 26 I had sudden cardiac arrest and they. It has caused tons of cognitive function problems.


I’m a psychiatrist, and I work daily and have shifts, and sometimes no weekends. Life is hard. :slight_smile:


And you survived, you literally came back from death. :smile:
You’re a hero!


I will read about it further to understand it.
I’m sorry it has been difficult like that to you.


I don’t really consider mine a bit health issue, it’s more of a disorder. I have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. I also have a history of insanity/manias(no, not bipolar) that I have been sent to the mental ward once. That was not a pleasant experience, so I try to be cautious as much as possible with what I do.

Whenever I do interactions or I see new things I believe to be of value, I usually write it down somewhere so I can reflect later on why I did that. There are days where I can be really competitive in arguments in a nonsensical matter that I found to be dreadful and regretting after, and question why I did that.

In the end of it all, I hardly take myself seriously. Though sometimes I think to myself I might be playing victim too much to people who really want to get their ideas across and I shut them down with the fact I can’t inderstand myself either, so then I blame it to myself again for being crazy. So which one is it really? :thinking:

And so, I leave it all and just tell them to not mind me and that I’m just a lunatic if I don’t agree with them, because my opinions are useless anyways without people understanding what I want to say and the fact I can’t express it back that I feel like my questions are answered. Most of the questions I throw are often confusing, therefore I never trust myself with handling free-styled debates unless in a competition. I can never seem to settle down— and that goes even when I write my stories.


I’ve been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety. It manifests in anxiety attacks and periods of un-ease. Usually they are a week or two, but have lasted as long as a few months. The worst part is not getting sleep because of the adrenaline and fear of death.
I’m pretty creative when I have anxiety attacks. As a kid I drew and wrote stories to cope with anxiety issues. Now, I use that negative energy to my advantage. A good balance of therapy, medication and creativity have helped me so much.


As long as you have someone like your husband to do your editing, hopefully he can also help you over the rough spots all writers encounter: burnout and blocks. If you feel comfortable doing so, creative writing classes at a local community college (or online) are a huge help. They help writers gain confidence and learn quicker than they ever could on their own. The only other help you will need is other points of view besides your husband’s, like beta readers, etc. To me, the most important thing you can do is to KEEP WRITING. The rest will take care of itself.


I too have Manias. They think they are caused by the anoxic damage. It comes with Psychosis and visual hallucinations. Last week I was talking to the pile of dishes I was doing in the kitchen…

I think if I can find a way to keep myself grounded I will be okay.


I already took the class at the community college I might have to dig that old book out and go over it. What is great about my husband and I is we balance each other out. He is good with phrasing and vocab and I am good with story telling. I can put the story together and the order, but he will tell where it doesn’t make sense and when I have forgotten and explanation and when I have used extremely 5 times in the same paragraph because I couldn’t think of a new word. :slight_smile:


My mania didn’t go in that direction, I mostly just turn violent and unnecessarily chatty for days. However, I do experience those days where for some reason I’m just laughing to myself and I don’t know why.

Hopefully, let’s keep up the fighting spirit!


Good Luck!! Fighting!!


That’s awesome.


What I did was take several of those CW classes- all the way through advanced creative writing. It helped me so much. But the important thing is to keep writing- and reading.


I found my book! I think I am going to read it and have a refresher.


My mental illnesses has made my writing so much stronger and interesting in my opinion!
I think its helped me develop more realistic characters that also are going through mental struggles.
I don’t see my mental struggles as a weakness, I see it as my superpower
Also, I’m proud of everyone in this chat, y’all are so strong! Good luck with writing, we got this <3