Writing with Health Issues.


Thanks. I think having mental illness allows you a direct connection to create a character. You don’t have to do research, you know first hand what it feels like. My biggest problem is sometimes keeping myself in reality. I made myself a Memoir to help with that. So I have a non fiction book to keep myself grounded.
Good luck in your writing!


I can totally relate to that, I think a memoir is smart to keep track!


I have more trouble these days after having four car accidents. My mind sometimes feels separated into two parts. One part that remembers a word and the other that can’t. I know the word I want to use, but it seems stuck behind a wall I can’t access.

And then there is my OCD, the rational brain vs irrational brain. That makes things quite challenge, especially when trying to send a book off to a publisher.


This is more like what I am talking about. I was trying to find a word the other day and no matter what I googled I could’t come up with the word I was looking for. Finally I had to ask my husband what the word for not feeling good about yourself meant or looking down on yourself. He told me low self confidence or low self esteem. These are words I have used plenty of times but they were at a loss. All I had was a feeling for the word, but the words themselves were gone.


Yeah, I suffer from major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and a panic disorder. They are decently managed with counseling but it still makes it hard to get things done at times. But if anything, they help to inspire my writing. I realized that I haven’t seen a lot of characters on Wattpad that I could related to mental health wise, since everyones experience is so different. I use my depression to write my character, so she shares a lot of my experiences and thoughts, but it makes it more relatable for me. It also helps me to get my thoughts out of my head and out in the open, which is one of the things that my counselor suggested for me. I have found so much joy in writing characters with mental health struggles because it makes me feel more seen and less alone, even if I’m the one who is writing them into existence. Plus, I think we are so underrepresented considering about 75% of my friends have struggled with some mental illness in their lifetime. That is a huge amount of people not represented all that much. I just think everyone deserves to have their story told, which drives my writing when my depression and anxiety gets bad. However, when my panic disorder shows up, I can’t do any writing, or anything useful for that matter, so I totally understand inability to cope then. Hope all is well! :relaxed:


I have tendonitis in my fingers. So if I type a lot at one time, they swell up and are painful for days or even weeks (one time it lasted over a year on two fingers). I used to get a Cortisone shot when that happened, but I had so many the rheumatologist said I can’t have any more. So my typing time is limited which is a bummer when I’m really into a scene.


Also, I think when we are represented, we are represented like crazies. Most of the time I read stories about people with mental health issues, they act is if we all are insane. Not cool.
I think we need to be honestly represented, and the best way is by the people who suffer from these illnesses writing these characters.


I have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand. It is so bad sometimes that I can’t type one sentence correctly. I just stop typing and give up. I am going to see the Neurologist again next month because the treatment isn’t working and that means I may have to have surgery on it. I haven’t been able to feel pain in my pinky for over a month. I hope the nerve damage isn’t too bad to reverse.