wwycd game! what would your character do if...?

what would your character do?

Rules: write the reaction your character would do to the situation above then in bold letters write a totally different situation for someone else.

easy right? Love the idea of this game lets see how far we take it! :heart: :heart: :heart:
ill start!

wake up in someone else’s body…wwycd?

This looks fun!

wake up in someone else’s body…wwycd?

Jasmine sits up in bed and immediately freezes. Looks down at unfamiliar sheets. Frowns. Scans the unfamiliar room warily. This isn’t…usual. She glances quickly to check if the door is closed. It is. Okay. So no imminent threat of being discovered in someone else’s house. That was the preferable outcome. She silently slips out of the bed, intending to tiptoe to the nearest window and start climbing out of it…but she catches a glimpse of someone in her peripheral vision. She freezes and slowly turns around to face the person…but it’s a mirror. It’s a mirror. Why is it a mirror? Jasmine uncertainly waves her hand at the mirror and the reflection waves back. She tries not to scream. That’s not her reflection. That’s not her reflection nope nope nope. She goes back to the bed. Nope nope nope. She buries herself under the blankets. Nope.

lose a fight…wwycd?

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He will get to his depressing mode…easy…
(Wait for a moment as I write the whole details)

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Aiden, nearly fainting, have fallen to the ground. He is wounded and his body is aching allover.

He knew that this would happen, but the feeling is overwhelming. He knew he is weak, but he felt like a piece of twig, easily be broken.

The medic came. As they put him on the stretcher, Aiden continued to look at the sky with dead blank eyes.

Has the Goddess left him defeated, humiliated, being the clown? Again!?

He is alive, but more dead in the inside. He would rather kissed the frogs used in dissection insteaof losing his first fight.

And then he close his eyes, with a blank expression on his face.

the love of his/her life was taken away by the mortal enemy…wwycd?

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I’m a newbie so idk exactly how to write.,…,

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Uhm…what if the love her life is the mortal enemy? :thinking::thinking:
Okay let’s say he kills himself then :sweat_smile:
My main character would be devastated, as she’s a person who loves with all her heart. But oh, at least she’ll still have Jonathan :joy:

Wwycd if they knew they would die tomorrow?

Evangeline would break into a theme park with her friends, and spend the night going on rides and eating ice cream and candy floss, and doing all the things she thought she was too old or mature for. When you know how you’re going to go and when, there’s an underwhelming lack of reasons to not eat mint chocolate chip ice cream until you’re sick.

WWYCD if they met their idol?

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Emmett doesn’t really have an “idol”, but if he met someone he admired highly, he would probably be a stuttering mess while trying to appear calm.

If they were proposed to in public with no warning…WWYCD?

She would probably get embarrassed; her face going all red. Either say yes or no, and then slap their love interest before cuddling into them.

If they got fired from a job for no apparent reason what so ever, WWYCD?

Emmett wouldn’t care enough, and if he did he’d go get a lawyer.

WWYCD if they were at an amusement park?

They’d just have fun.
If they entered a parallel universe where people’s personalities are flipped?

I had an idea about this. Though for my WIP that I am currently working on Devora wouldn’t know what to do about that. She’d be hella confused but try to make it work.

If they got sent to live somewhere they hated?

Alec would try to make the most of a bad situation, and try to see a silver lining but if he was sent somewhere far away where he couldn’t have his friends and loved ones to rely on he’d be fighting a losing battle. He’d text and call to stay sane, but without his companions to act as the safety blanket he’s constructed for himself he might possibly relapse to deal with the situation.

WWYCD if they were woken up by somebody robbing their house at night?

They would get a rude awakening. Devora lives with two other hunters, so if they woke up the ENTIRE house-hold… well, lets just say they might make it out alive… if they run like hell.

WWYCD if they got betrayed by someone they idoled?

Nova doesn’t idolize anyone. She has role models though. If she was betrayed by one of them she would be super disappointed and complain for the next 30 minutes to her best friend Maya about it. She would then leave the topic for the next hour and then come back to Maya and bring it up again. Maya is not amused. Lol
WWYCD: If they were walking down the street and suddenly a crowd of people came running from around the corner towards them?

she’d probably freeze up. like one of those animals that plays dead at sudden movements. She’d like to think that she’d jump out of the way but she’s not as brave as she thinks that she is.

wwycd - if after a big fight the love of their life was going get on a plane to a different country and they’d never see them again? (classic friends trope i’m sorry)

Devora would be hurt. She would need them for comfort and for them to just up and leave after a hard fight wouldn’t sit right with her. I imagine she would probably go into a state of short depression, because she doesn’t let people into her life easily.

wwycd if they suddenly got powers that they didn’t have the other day?

Jael (different story now because I actually wrote a story with this topic!) would flip tf out. She wouldn’t tell anyone, not her friends or family, about it for a very long time. She thought she was the only one who knew about them till she realizes she obtained them from the worst person possible.
WWYCD: If they suddenly woke up and everything was in black and white?

Ariel would rub the eyes, waited a day to see if it would go away the next day, if not gone to doctor to force him to fix it by any means possible until it’s fixed.
wwycd if they would be suddenly kissed during fight by mortal enemy?

Stab them harder.
Sophia because for her consent is a very big thing, even for a kiss.
Neal because that’s not how he wanted his first kiss to go.

Wwycd if an enemy who has been known to play dirty surrendered to them?

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