What would your character do?

It’s simple, the person above will give a scenario . You simply need to answer what your main character would do and leave a new scenario.

Ex) Your character and their greatest enemy are reaching for the last cookie on a tray what would they do?

Cassandra would get the cookie first and would probably lick it mockingly before eating it right where her enemy could watch.

Scenario: Your character is told their favorite candy is going to be wiped from the earth and they would be the only person who remembered it ever existed what would they do?

Arriana keeps it to herself and vaguely misses the candy, but never ever says anything about it.

Your character and they’re close friend/ significant other is distressed, but when they get there, friend/ SO has only stubbed their toe.

Stella would laugh her butt off at Howie and call him a drama king.

Doesn’t help that she’s a doctor and a stubbed toe is nothing. She’d literally ask him why the 911 for that. Then probably tell him to go get an ice pack.

To be fair, she has a much better bedside manners with her patients. But she knows Howie is just dramatic in general and doesn’t worry unless he’s having a complete melt down.

Your MC finds a magic item that will grant them their deepest wish. But, they can have it granted at the of never actually being able to use/do whatever with that desire.

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Alex would probably give it to Ajax and never think of it again. Poor Ajax though, he’ll never see Bryce again. Oh well.
Your character has been turned into his/her worst fear. What does he/she do next?

Thinking of Arriana Becca she’s the MC if my WIP…
MAt the point she’s at right now she probably changes nothing and goes around scaring people. She’s most scared of her own destructiveness (she’s half siren) so she’d probably just change into a siren which she can already do. Which nothing would really change…

Your character is told that something about them is inherently sinful by a random protestor. What were they told and what do they do?

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They’d pick on her for the medications she has to take. Also, premarital sex, that it’s an issue she’s bi, honestly, I could really go on. Some of it would depend on the type of protester.

Stella would tell them the less polite version of screw off and probably give them the middle finger as she walked away.


Character finds themselves alone on an island. What do they do to get off?

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Ariana can turn into a siren so she just swims off (but that’s no fun so I’ll use one of my human characters from another story.)

Rosella builds a huge fire but spends several hours trying to light it. Eventually she is Isabel to single an airplane/ ship.

Your character just lost a ton of money. What do they do next?

Calytrix would work to earn that money.

Your character got teleported to a strange, new world. What does he/she do first?

Think that they’re having a hallucination/delusion. Would not believe for the life of them.

Your character finds themselves in a psychiatric hospital. What do they do?

Arriana just busts out in her own.

Skylar tries to convince people she isn’t insane.

Your character does something by embarrassing in front of an authority figure. How do they recover?

Reign would try to pretend nothing happened and move on. He has bigger concerns and it wouldn’t be a first.
Cassandra would lie her ass off making excuses why she did it to the person than say she’s fine. Then sit up for hours thinking about it.

Your character finds out they find their friends ex super hot, would they tell their friend or just keep it to themself.

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Arriana wouldn’t say anything.

Skylar would probably accidentally say it directly to the friends ex and very one would laugh. Lincoln would do a spit take and Caleb would never let her forget it.

Your character sees a van and a guy offering to let them pet puppies if they climb in. Do they recognize this as them getting kidnapped or get in?

Reign wouldn’t even give it a second of his time. He’s not much of an animal person.
Cassie would probably get super paranoid at the sight of the van and would avoid it.

Your character’s friend invites them to a concert after they already bought the tickets. Your character hates the band, will they go to make their friend happy or would they turn down the friend?

woops…i messed that one up for a second.

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Ariana turns it down. For Lincoln it depends on the friend. Skylar goes.

Your character loses an important game. How do they react?

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Reign would blame himself and be pretty bothered that he failed for a day or two then drop it.
Cassie would be a really sore loser and blame everything she could think of as an excuse because she doesn’t like losing.

Your character finds an injured baby bird what do they do?

Figures people and animals can’t be that different and tries to use her medical knowledge to help it get better. Thankfully (for the bird) her bestie has a better head on his shoulders and takes it to an avian vet.

Your character gets pulled over for a traffic violation. What horribly inappropriate joke would they make?


This should summarize Luzia’s response well.

looks over to her boyfriend

“Think i can pull the race card?”

boyfriend flicks her forehead

Your character see’s their best friend being bullied, WWYCD?

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Break their nose. It’s literally (head cannon for the moment) something Stella’s done. Got really pissed at one of their class mates when they were picking on her best friend for being gay. He did try to stop her, but she’s slippery. She managed to get a good right hook in along with a sick burn before their classmate ran off. Still doesn’t regret the suspension she had over that one.

What would your character do if they were without their cell phone?


He honestly would go crazy not being able to stay connected to people. He’d start showing up at random friends houses to ‘check up on them’. lol

WWYC do if they were pickpocketed?


Reign would be pissed because he doesn’t tend to have much money but otherwise just move on from it feeling kind of angsty about it.
If Cassie didn’t notice until long after she would probably be raging and looking for the culprit thinking of all the ways she could get revenge when she finds them…then probably complain to Reign about it because its a hopeless cause and be extra paranoid someone would do it again.

Your character is being egged on to fight someone. Would they fight or no?