Ryan would not. He wants people to like him. May would fight anyone, even without being egged on.

WWYCD if someone tried to serve alcohol to a minor?

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Reign wouldn’t care and just walk by and maybe mention it later.
Cassie would make a comment to the “someone” telling them what they’re doing is wrong but drop it before it escalates to anything serious.

Your character has to choose if they’d rather go a day with out talking at all, or a month without the person they love most. WWYCD?

A day without talking. She’d go a little crazy if she couldn’t talk to her greatest love (admittedly, that’s medicine at this point, so I’m now wondering what sort of conversations she has with it now).

Your character finds themselves in prison. What got them in and what do they do to get out?


Ooh my character Arrina is actually sort of in a prison type thing right now. She got stick in the wrong place at the wrong time (as a siren) and got arrested (sort of.) The other characters are there as POWs. I think they’re going to coop to get out or get out when the ship lands…

Your character is told they can save the world at the expense of a loved one. Do they save the world or the loved one?

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The loved one. Stella has a pretty big death wish and doesn’t care if the world burns.

What would your character do if they saw a chicken cross the road?


Waited until it get to the other side? :sweat_smile:

What would your character do if it was ran over by its favorite celeb?

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Stella probably pass out and die. Then bounce back and completely fan girl over him. Probably be the easiest accident the celeb ever dealt with.

What’d your character do if they am had to choose between their two greatest loves?

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Lyra would probably get sick of having to choose and would just get high…

What would your character do if it walked into her house and saw an alligator in the kitchen?

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Ariana would just ignore it :joy:

Your character can have anything they want, but they have to give up the thing the love most to get it? What do they want? What would they give up? Do they do it?

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They’d just have a psychotic break down again. Very likely end up in the ER. Most likely with Haldol because no one can ever remember she’s allergic to it until she reacts. Then anti-histamines and whatever other anti-psychotic they have.

Your character has to make a choice between jumping off a building or doing their greatest feat.

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Well Reigns greatest fear is either to scare away or hurt/kill the people he cares about so he’d rather jump off a building.
Cassie is terrified of losing her loved ones as well so she’d probably do the same.

Your character has to either give up their favorite food for the rest of their life or has to eat their most hated favorite food once a day for the rest of their life. What do they pick?


Arriana gives up her favorite food…

IF you’re character was taking a walk in a place and there’s a fork in the road, do they go left or right?

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Cassie would go left just for the hell of not going right.

Your character comes across a cult preforming a satanic ritual. WWYCD?

Leave. He’s dealing with his own problems right now. Plus, that already has a body count, so what’s adding one more to his guilt? Haha.

What would your character do if every time they tried to walk, their feet bled?

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Keep walking. They wouldn’t allow physical pain to stop them from achieving their goals, no matter what the situation. If the pain was too bad, they’d crawl.

WWYCD if they were forced to choose to save their mother or their lover?

Lover. So their lover. Stella has a bit of a strained relationship with her mother.

Your character has to chose between getting out of a warm comfy bed to get coffee and staying in bed surrounded by warm fluffy critters.

In bed, 100%. Arriana’s never even had coffee.

Your character has to stop communicating for a day or fast for a day. Which do they chose?

We’re going with communicating because I have no idea what fact is. If it’s a bad typo for sleep, the answer is still communicating.

They have to choose between a hot, warm fireplace with hot cocoa or playing outside in the snow.

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It was a type for fast whoops :joy:

Arriana does the fireplace.

Your character wins the lottery. What do they do?

Actually, then it might be fast.

Save it for a rainy day. Or a really bad manic phase. Probably the second.

Your character made themselves a very pitiful cup of coffee. What do they do?