Sounds good!


Yeet then welcome to the staff!! We all appreciate how many of you are stepping up, lol <3


Well, even if i’m new here, is it okay for me to help? This thread and the main thread is really interesting, well saying in my point of view


I might steal borrow the heading art so I can make a promotion on the threadz


Just make sure to credit Lumi!

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I think right now the staff is still working out exactly how we want to run the staff and what kinds of positions we still need/want, but as soon as all that’s squared away you can absolutely volunteer for one of those positions! Seniority doesn’t apply too much aside from when it comes to mods (Cake and myself) as far as I’m concerned!

Sorry for the super late response lol, I just finished finals and immediately went on vacation so that’s fun


Nah, it’s okay. I guess that’s understandable

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Annnnnnnnd it appears the chatroom did die lmao

There’s even a neato notification to the right of my screen asking me if I’m sure I want to revive this old conversation. These new threads are wild oml.

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Well, everyone is busy so it’s no wonder the chatroom died but we will try to revive it tho….

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I’m gonna revive this place because I want excuses to rant about my fictional children and WYCS is usually good about that

very tempted to make one of those threads/books where people can ask my characters questions but most of the kids I love now are brand new and also I don’t know if I’m popular enough for it to actually work yet, thoughts shot

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Ah yes, this place


So, I know that WYCS has been a fourm game since the beginning. Wondering if we should give it its own Wattpad account? Maybe we could branch out and reach more users. Maybe do contests if we feel ambitious.

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I wholeheartedly support the idea!!! ^-^

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This idea is great too! ^-^ I agree that more users would join thanks to it!


I think we actually have one already! Let me find the account, I know I’ve got it somewhere–I can PM the password to the staff if you need it, be back in a sec with that info!


Found it!

It’s @WYCS-Team and is in desperate need of updating oops, we had an account manager once upon a time and I genuinely forget who it was SHOT so if anyone would be up to helping with that side of things they’re welcome to!


Sure, I could help with that!


As far as I kow WYCS was archived, but where is that archive? I can’t find it… :(((


The link is thread 2? Yikes… yeah, I’d say it’s a bit out of date lol

@MasterLiza94 yeah, there was talk of archiving it but I don’t remember who was in charge of that or how far they got


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah it’s been off for a while but I didn’t realize it was THAT off, we made it fairly recently so I guess the link must have gotten a little thrown off?? I’ll PM you the password!

EDIT: correction: I will eventually PM you the password because ngl I completely forget what it was and without it I can’t get to the email we set up for the account to retrieve the password so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’ll figure it out and THEN PM you the password shot