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hello !!

i’m xin and i’ll be making covers for you (ෆ˙ω˙ෆ)♡ i’m currently experimenting with a new style so i’ll be accepting non-commitment requests ;; i will try every requests that i accept, but i can’t guarantee if you’ll be receiving it. (ง ื▿ ื)ว i prefer confidently delivering a cover i’m proud of! thanks for requesting and stay safe! *(❛◡< ✧)

if you’re asking why i edit this thread so many times ;;;; i have no excuses…

examples !!

payment !!

payment for real requests is a follow and a credit in your description! (๑˘︶˘๑) it’s fine to undo if i didn’t deliver your cover, but please don’t undo them if you’re not using despite receiving the cover. please appreciate my efforts, thank you! *(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

rules !!

i will be waiting a week for your story to be published after delivery !! if the story isn’t up by then, i’ll wait for more three days // but if i still haven’t receive news, i’ll be making the cover as a premade for others, sowwy ;; (。ノω\。)

i don’t allow threadhop anymore, (´;ω;) threadhopping is requesting for the same cover on other shops, so if i catch you doing this, i won’t make your cover anymore !! ✧(🝦言🝦╬) insert your country in the password section.

lastly, have patience ;; i have other hobbies and activities outside of making covers // and i like to take my time to check the quality of my graphics !! (・ω・)b (i like to multi-task and act as if i acing it)

cover form request

(copy below this sentence, and please read the guidelines.)
> title:
> subtitle:
> author’s name:
> details:
> summary:
> ideas:
> mood/colors:
> extras:
> password:

guidelines for requesting

if you are confused of the form below, here are the guidelines:

for details section, let me know what details you want in the model of your cover, as you can see i like to play with hairstyles/eyecolors, so please input the colors you did like to see in the features!

sometimes, i tend to stray far from ideas, so adding more detail to your summary works better for me! but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to fill in ideas! please fill them in to help me gain inspiration // it’ll be better to add covers inspirations from pinterest too ;; *


Subtitle: -
Authors name: Hazel Lezah
Summary: don’t really know what to put in here since it’s a fake :sweat_smile: Idk, like a girl discovers she has a doppelgänger who is trying to replace her (even tho they look the same, the real one sees the copy with opposite colors from her, but everyone else see her and think she’s the real one, kinda pointless detail but whatever :joy:)

Ideas: two girls, profile, back to back. They have the same face and body, only the colors changes. One has pale skin, black hair, black eyes (no iris, no white) only black. The other has dark skin, white hair and white eyes (only white). One of them could have a grin or something, idk :sweat_smile:

Extras: maybe include something like: “Every light hides a little Darkness” or something

Hope I helped, good luck :wink:

ahhh thanks !! cx the sumary is optional, but it really helped :heart:

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Wow! How’d you make them like that? All smooth and sparkly :white_heart:

title: My Boy
subtitle: He Don’t Love Me Like He Promised
author’s name: Billie
summary: Billie had a best friend who she loved, but he was extremely toxic.
ideas: Um, so have Wonho or Huyngwon (Monsta X) on the cover; maybe have two different eye colours, or maybe some glasses (nerdy glasses or sunglasses). The background could be something neon-bright. City.
extras: This is a fake. :white_heart:

awww tysm ! i use color dodge and repaint the features c:

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WOW ur cover holy shit wowww
Girl teach me please! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

ahhh thank u !!! i did have to thank color dodge for it cx ( like the comment above ! )

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Yeah I am no expert haha I do use photoshop and kinda got better at it but no where near ur skills. How long have you been doing this??

trust me, it takes time cx and it’s mostly because i was too stubborn from watching tutorials, when it helped me big time ! i’ve been doing this since 2016 cx i stopped doing them for about two years tho that’s why i’m rusty haha

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Pffft you call that rusty? Shush that is beautiful heavenly work. Take the credit :raised_back_of_hand: cuz i would love to have such talent

aww thank you! <3 that’s very sweet x i really reccomend watching tutorials if you’re actually wondering hehe cx

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Yea youtube is helpful. Kind of stopped working on my covers but I will start again but keep up the great work! It’s great trust me

thank you! good luck on your designing adventure <3 your sweet words are making my heart full !!

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Haha your welcome! If you ever need encouragement dm me lol but have fun <3

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Thanks if you accept/do it.

no promises but i’ll accept for now c: i’ll see if it’s something i’m proud of x

new cover !!

doppelganger replacement doppelganger replacement

((my laptop’s colors are so dull, so i’m sorry if this hurts your eyes omg))

lol i never really stick to ideas so probably in the near future, i’ll just ask peeps for summary cx this was supposed to be @catsaredragons fake, but i try to make it put my creative touch to it c: the only thing similiar is the ‘doppelganger’ theme but gotta give a shoutout cx i might make a new cover that still follows your idea because i really loved the summary ((like she sees every colors opposite, and very dark brooding theme because i haven’t done it in this style)) ty !


hello!! :revolving_hearts:

i was wondering do you happen to do more simple covers, without face claims? i’m interested in requesting for a story of mine. your graphics are lovely! :revolving_hearts:

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