Genre: Fantasy

Intended Audience: Adult

Length: 100,000 words (of the completed 1st draft)
[This is the 1st of a series, so there is no conclusion at this point]


Raollin and Dexios are two rangers who wander the lands of Evantia with Arcas, their mentor, and Olybrius, a nalas who's chosen to fight for man over his own.

They make for Corranda, their hometown, to resettle before the migration to Danova, one of the four confines that protects the capital. When they arrive, they find it to be lost, with mass slaughter in the streets. They are later chased out by a sorceress, one of the nalas that stayed behind.

In Caplao forest, where the flee to, they are led to a gathering of survivors, who have been waiting for Arcas’ passing before going to Danova. The caravan encounters the Witch of Caplao, but come away unscathed*.

At Danova, they are given a few days to recover. Word spreads of the lost settlements, and Olybrius sheds some light on Nalasnaden’s tactics when taking Corranda. They would plan for future encounters, but Danova soon finds itself under attack by Asnalas**.

The war is brief, with the front-lines proving nothing more than a diversion as a strong nalas warrior invades the city centre. He kills defenceless women and children before being held off by Aelizia Dalakis, the daughter of the ruler of Danova. Raollin later joins the fight, where he first encounters his own magical powers. The nalas warrior is defeated by Olybrius and two of the Evogue***.

With the nalas warrior killed, the war soon passes. Asnalas flees. In the time soon after, Estorgan, the ruler of Danova, and his council decide to march south to Asnalas’ estate to remove one of the oncoming threats.

Between themselves and the estate, is Karin’s Gate, controlled by the nalas on the only, narrow passage, into nalas territory. With Gaelia’s help, a myatran sorcerer who has spent her life protecting Caplao Forest, they are able to take the gate and pass.

As Asnalas did at Danova, Estorgan plans for an insertion team to kill her while his forces divert attention. Raollin and Dexios are a part of said insertion team. They successfully storm the estate and are able to kill Asnalas, but need Ra’ka Ghouli**** to do this.


*In Caplao forest, the witch puts the people under a spell - leaving them all in a state of slumber. Each has their own dream, and wakes without harm. What isn't shown is Olybrius' encounter, where he joins Gaelia to defeat the witch.


**Asnalas’ attack (both in and out of the city) is one big ruse. As she passes through the gates, she brings with her Nalasnaden’s soldiers who spilt off to the west to attack Idria, another of the four confines.

This means that Danova are unaware of Nalasnaden’s soldiers, and think that they still have time before he comes - giving them the idea to strike Asnalas first.

While Danova defeats Asnalas, Nalasnaden takes Idria.


***The Evogue are an elite force, created to harness nalas weapons, with the aim of using them against the nalas. For years they held a high position in Evantia, but the current leader craves more power.

Though they currently fight for the crown, they are not under royal allegiance, and soon plan to overthrow the King of Evantia.


****Ra’ka Ghouli is a godly being who owns his own realm of existence. Though, he’s only able to pass into this plain when summoned.

Raollin is given the ability to summon Ra’ka Ghouli via his swords. They were his fathers, who was a nalas executioner. (Executioners are powerful nalas who are able to directly attack xylex - the energy force of the nalas.)
There is a whole bunch of other mini arcs, but none that will directly effect this section of the story.