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What would you do if you couldn’t remember?

Thankful for their lives, the small community of Crux celebrates the second anniversary of Remembrance Day: the day civilians woke up to their town in ruins without any memory of what happened. Sixteen-year old Ayn, and ten-year old River find each other in the wake of this event and try to piece their lives together. Just as Ayn is about to lose hope, she has a strange dream that leads her to Maverick, a seventeen-year old with a troubled past, and a scrap of paper marked with a location that may answer all her questions: The Memory Market.



A trilogy of stories from the magical world of Adyssia, as recounted by Grenorg Hetti, one of the greatest wizards of his time. In this first volume, his writings take a brief look at some of the wondrous aspects of Adyssia, before delving into the story of Lupa, a thirteen year old witch who becomes an unlikely hero after crossing paths with some of the darkest characters in Adyssian history.

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Armageddon; all he has to do is prevent it from happening.

Charged with protecting Planet Earth from the Lon, and known to his human friends as Cal, Cathal has been living the life of a rugby-playing teenager at Global High. Secretly guarding its human inhabitants, Cathal waits for the people of his home planet, Eachtrannach, to arrive and take over.

Meanwhile, Aoife’s planet is dying and Earth is the only one that can support their species. Plotting with the high council of Sqia, Lon’s elite scientists, Aoife aims to bring Cathal down. All that stands between her success and human demise is Cal and the serum Aoife carries in her pocket. Highly contagious, it will cause the unraveling of the seven enzymes that make up the building blocks of human DNA.

With the destiny of Planet Earth in their hands, who will win; Cal and the humans he protects, the Lon or something else entirely?


Achieved #1 in “Planet Earth” category.
Achieved #1 in “Enzyme” category.
Achieved #3 in “Human Race”.

*Achieved 1st Place: Summer 2019: Litwits Awards: Science Fiction


In a country where rain never ends, Princess Allumina has built a bubble of reinforced, transparent material to keep her people safe. Our sixteen-year-old students are finalizing their training in an academy meant to prepare them for a two-hundred-year-old conflict.


Alice thought she was like any other girl in her academy. She wasn’t exactly popular but she was still friends with the head cheerleader. Her best friend kept her on her toes by crushing on the next hot boy on campus and one of her other friends was the mother of the group. Everything was normal or so she thought. Things start to spin out of control as soon as she turns 18. She goes from having a “normal” life to getting immersed in a world where people can have powers and finds herself in a very unusual love triangle. Who said that being a teenager was boring?


Title: Battle of Elements
Author: Ebruwrites
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Passionate Fire, intuitive Water, practical Earth, witty Air, mysterious Light, or dangerous Darkness- to which of them would you belong?
Imagine being born into a kingdom based on one of them, but being capable of more. Azara, Alek, and Aurora are born into strict worlds, not being allowed to pursue their true passion- their opposite element. The three chosen ones realize they are meant to use their force to help the repressed ones and save the world from power-hungry, dangerous suppressors. But are Azara, Alek, and Aurora strong enough to fight against the elements they are born with to create a better world?

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/192927262-battle-of-elements


1 page supernatural young adult romance Click Here to Read Magical Circus



What would you do when you were thrown into the deep without any preparation? When you are just moments away from drowning in the problems that are piling up around you and there appears to be no way out? Would you fight back or would you go under?

Neviah’s entire worldview is being tested when she figures out the truth about her life, shortly after her fathers death. She struggles to stay afloat in the midst of all the grief and confusion, but tries to hold on and not break the promise she made him; she won’t stop fighting. With new friendships and the right training she’s able to find her way through her new life in another dimension, all while she’s being prepped for her destiny. However, the choice between fighting and surrendering seems to be getting harder and harder when shadows from the past start to emerge and the face of her enemy looks oddly familiar…

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/202344257-white-roses

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