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YA Fantasy Story: Mystic Chaos (rewritten. New chapter every week.)

A tattoo can hold many secrets. Each story so intricately embedded in-between the twisted lines of the design. Someone looking at it might find it simply intriguing, but the person holding the secrets may think otherwise. Aria’s tattoo was perfectly normal thank you very much until about two seconds ago. Now everything has changed. The question is can she survive the evil controlling the mystical marks.


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Synopsis: We’ve been told there’s no hope. But what if they were wrong?
A young girl runs from her painful past only to find herself working as a factory worker in a lonely harbor town. Andrea hides her affluent past by keeping a low profile, but the memories of her sister’s screams are never far from her memory. All because the of the Vines. They come for those that have been marked and despite all her promises, there was nothing she could do to save her marked sister. Andrea, or Andy, is now resigned to live the rest of her life in this grey landscape alone until one day she witnesses a mysterious woman attempt to save a man from the Vines. This woman tells Andy there’s a cure. Armed with this new information, Andy leaves the town behind and chases after this promise. The promise that there is a cure. That there is something that can be done. That there is hope.



A little sway in the hips, some cleavage oozing over the top of her blouse and a smile went a long way with the male species, especially those infested with raging teenage hormones. Cloaked with human beauty, it took nothing for Aoife to wheel them in and put them under her spell, and she was going in for the kill.

The helicase enzyme the Sqia, her planet’s elite scientists, mutated was going to be the downfall of the Eachtrannach if it was the last thing she did. All she had to do was find a way to inject it into Cal’s bloodstream. The potion would take care of the rest and then her family, and millions of other Lon, could join her on Earth.

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Summary: Everybody knows the story of Pandora’s Box. A girl was given a box and she was told not to open it. The Box spoke to her, tempting her to… well you know the rest… or do you? Because the thing that no one ever asks is… what happened next?

This is that story.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/128189102-pandora's-box-works-and-days-girlxgirl-book-1

There’s also a sequel to it here:


Summary: A new threat rises as Pandora tries to deal with the fallout of opening The Box and the spirits that have possessed her classmates.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173170949-pandora's-box-maenads-book-2

And finally I am working on the third in the series:


Summary: The stress of saving her classmates and the break down of her relationship with Jemma has pushed Pandora to the breaking point. And the corruption of the box isn’t helping anything either. She’s then offered a way out by the person she’s worried about most.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/185729397-pandora's-box-discord-girlxgirl-book-3

Title: The Pawn and Knight
Chapters: 2/?
Genre: Fantasy
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/205514667-the-pawn-and-knight

“How much damage can one little girl do?”

A lot it seems.

After being thrown into a world in the middle of a civil war, Carmen finds herself the face of a rebellion and the enemy of one of the most powerful women in the world. She didn’t ask for any of this, but with the help of two demons and the biggest jerk she has ever had the displeasure of meeting, Carmen is going to have to survive.

Or die in a spectacular way.

The gate is open now, and the Night Beings welcome you.

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Genre: Fantasy/Action-Adventure
Chapters: 4 (Ongoing, Updates every other weekend)

Summary: You know that one moment in your life where your world is completely turned upside down? And I don’t mean tripping over your own feet, kind of like what I tend to do.

Just completely makes you view the world differently?

Yeah that happened to me, Bailey Martin.

You grow up to believe in everything you see and not to believe in fairy tales or fantasy except, maybe, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. In School you’re taught Maths, English and Science. However, I found out life isn’t as clear cut as they make out to be. Not that science is clear cut but you get my point. Life especially isn’t as clear cut for me, when a crow, appropriately called Chance, turns up. There’s a chance he will turn up and a Chance he might not or he may just talk to you in your head to make you temporarily think you are going insane. But when coincidences are starting to make more sense and connections between me and Chance can’t be denied (although I do give it a good try), I am forced to deal with the truth, which isn’t my greatest trait.

Throw in some talking animals, a forbidden curse and a bit of pixie dust. Ok, maybe not pixie dust as it’s definitely not Neverland because I feel as if I’ve aged a couple of years. No lie. Oh and can’t forget the side of smartass.

Join me on my wonderful adventure in which I’m the perfect heroine. Not.

The Obscure Enchantment
I really hope and appreciate if you can take the time to read it and let me know what you think xxx
P.s it does contain swearing

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Link https://my.w.tt/WR5Ivckbv1

Lottie’s always felt second best to her older sister Beatrice. Less than-in every way possible. And now even when death sits at Bea’s door, Lottie somehow feels like she’s the ghost in the house. Her mother has never understood Lottie and she wonders if she’s wishes it were her instead of Bea?

Then the expected, but devastating happens, followed by visions of a raven haired girl. This isn’t exactly helping Lottie’s mental state, especially when Bea’s voice comes spilling from the girls lips, begging her for help.

Meanwhile in another world far from Lottie’s troubles, Kaya, a young fairy is battling a darkness of her own. First mistaken as a flora disease creeping through the vegetation, it has now taken ahold of a young Waker, Mikala, laying frozen on Mother Meera’s den floor. The black rot spindling up her arm.

Though they are world’s apart both girls battle a darkness. Maybe the door hidden in the forest will reveal a secret that they both need in order to survive what lurks in the shadows.


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Ever since Meril can remember, fire has been around her. No matter where she goes a trail of fire will show up and burn everything around her. She cannot control it, she doesn’t know what causes it. All she knows it makes her life hell. One day two men find her and tells of that the fire is her magic, and they offer a space of healing and a home. A place where Witches and Wizards can go when they are afraid of their magic, no homes, or addicted to it. Where it’s possible to recover from the damage brought from your own self.

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[ an Open Novella Ambassador’s Pick 2019, Longlisted in the Open Novella Contest ]
[ featured on Fairytale Community’s Misc. and Combo Fairytales Inspired/Retellings ]

Ever since 15-year-old Annemie saw Antsje Pluk, the fairytale figure who supposedly eats children for dessert, she’s known that the witch will come for her. Now that she’s no longer a child, the forest doesn’t scare her anymore. One night, she sneaks out. But instead of returning safely in the morning, Antsje Pluk curses and captures Annemie, bringing her to a cottage hidden deep in the woods.

Girls have been disappearing from their village for years, but Aleta, Annemie’s twin sister, won’t let her become one of the lost. In order to save her sister, Aleta must face her fears head-on, find a magical flower, confront an evil witch, and break an age-old curse. Luckily, she has the guidance of an old friend, but the other girl is not what she seems, and there are secrets hidden in the woods.

Sprinkled with Dutch lore, this retelling of a neglected fairytale is filled with witches, moss maidens, and shape-shifting, but it all comes down to some very human traits: bravery, sacrifice, and most of all, love.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173253808-✓-girls-of-a-feather-opennovellacontest2019


1 page supernatural romance

Click Here to Read Magical Circus Today

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Summary: The Arcs have lived amongst the Regulars since the beginning of time. In a society governed by fear, those with greater power exterminated. In this time bending tale will a young woman whose power has been suppressed break free, freeing them from darkness? Is she the one they have been waiting for?

Time will tell

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Eira should be dead. When she’s found by slave traders in the snow frozen soild she’s been deemed special. No one should have survived what she went through. As a maid to the courts she is assigned to the royal staff. The highest honor. There Eria becomes quick friends with the other maids and soon discovers that there’s far more creatures in the night than she could have ever imagined.

A story about love, war and magic.

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Ya Fantasy Story: Descendants-of-magic (Two Chapters every week.)

“The humans in nearby cities screamed in terror as bits of cottages tore through what was once the walls of their homes. Buildings entwined with trees, and trees entwined with buildings. Whole power lines broke and crashed unable to contain the unfamiliar energy that now filled them. While darker entities both magical and un magical crept out of their holes, drawn to both the smells of blood and vulnerability.”

For centuries fairyland has existed in the same space as the human world yet forever out of man kinds reach thanks to the magical barrier known as the veil. Which is a very good thing for the citizens of Washington Dc who have no clue their actually located near the outskirts of Faerie. Now thanks two Faerie twins the veil between the world of Faerie Land and that of the human world has collapsed. Now trolls hunt in the shopping district of Washington DC, giants kick cars around like toys, and dragons soar through the night sky as politicians and citizens Faerie and human clamor to regain control as their world fractures.
For those who are sick of thinly veiled Paranormal Romance in your young adult, Urban Fantasy. I give you Descendants of Magic.
I would really appreciate feedback, thank you.

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Hi everyone, I updated my cover and published four new chapters. Enjoy the “Authiirian Anthem” on YouTube made to promote “The United Realm Series” - see link below.

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Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/189921351-the-next-pharaoh

Leilo Muez is kidnapped to a different dimension where his biological father, the Pharaoh Abanoub, is dying and he is the Crown Prince. Except he’s not the only one inline to the throne. Navigating the sea of clashing desires and ambitions of the Noble Houses, Leilo must grow and accept the hand fate has dealt him, and save Egypos from sinking into another dark age.

Updated every Friday (maybe Wednesday, if I have time to edit the chapter.)

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Title The Elemental: My Burning Legacy
Plot Lilith Moonlight, seventeen year old human girl blinded by her true self not knowing what she really is. Discovering her life is not as it seems; but, when she is approached by a member of a shadowy agency dedicated to the supernatural world, learning that her life has more meaning then she realized, she will be the one to save us all.
Link https://www.wattpad.com/user/Musics4lifes

Currently working on Ch. 21 and I do update frequently!!! Hope you give my book a chance!! Happy reading!!


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Three little witches,
daughters of a Supreme.
Born to be vicious,
and always mean.

Forgotten sisters,
send a sign.
A horrible end,
a death so divine.

The Sutherland sisters,
pure as wine.
It’s a family business,
don’t mess with this bloodline.

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The Temporary (Ongoing)

Deja becomes transferred to a new body, yet instead of a fresh start is faced with flashbacks of old memories. Given this confusion and impossibility as a “Temporary” entity, she searches for answers and continues to live as the college student Amelia. However, perhaps to find the answers, she must learn to finally open up to the memories and accept herself for who she is. Not as Amelia, or as the other lives she has lived, but as Deja to find permanence in love from others and herself.

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