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Devil in the Details

Completed first draft!

What would you trade your soul for?

That’s the precise question Jessa is pondering when the devil arrives at her small high school. The only problem is that she doesn’t want anything. In fact, she’s pretty content with her life: she has a loving family, does well in school, and has a phenomenal best friend.

But when the devil refuses to leave her alone, things get more complicated. Tentative friendships form, and Jessa starts to help the devil with a deal of her own: helping the fallen angel find love.

But as time passes, Jessa begins to wonder: Is the devil truly her friend? Is she worthy of love? And what, exactly, does Jessa herself want?

All is fair in love and war. So strap in for a genre-bending novel, combining teen fiction, fantasy, and a dash of action!

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Two sisters ripped apart by the confines of their kingdom
Two souls seeking freedom from invisible cages
One given a power to shape shift, one who was forgotten by the Gods…
Or so she thought

Lina was stripped of her title in order to fight for her future as a Warrior
Grace was given an opportunity to advance herself as a Lady in waiting
Neither wants what their Empire offers them.

Lina fears her soul and her body will break in her attempt to become a rare female Warrior and conquer her shape shifting ability
Grace fears that life in the Mantiva Court will break her spirit and her mind in her attempt to please her people.

But a prophecy lingers in the shadows between the two sisters, one that neither thinks will come to light. One that states a new evil is about to be unleashed, and one of the girls is it’s ideal host.



The Story Begins

Perry Bennett is an intelligent, witty high school student in a small town adjacent to Salem. As the summer ends, he is recuperating after a particularly painful break-up, if they ever were truly together in the first place.

His life is about change forever.

As he begins his school year, he meets a pair of vampire twins that change his life and the lives of everyone around him. As the year goes on, he dives head first into the supernatural world with only his friends Eva and Charlotte to ground him to the mortal world.

Little does Perry know that the brothers are just the precursor to a world of pain and death. He quickly realizes that he’s not a normal guy, further alienating himself from the world he’d become accustomed to. As the darkness of the supernatural world threatens to engulf him, he must use his own light to combat the darkness, all the while struggling with his split feelings for a vampire and werewolf.

He becomes a savior with death all around, though how many will he have to lose in the process?


This sounds absolutely awesome and the setting is so unique for this genre! I’m really excited to read!


Thank you so much!! I hope you like it! :grin:



A journey always starts with a mystery. Alexandra is pulled into a world where she never wanted to go, forced to see creatures from our nightmares. She will face dangers that no one expects and revelations that will destroy her. Will she survive her journey as the person she is or will she change forever?

Hope you enjoy it :smile:



“You don’t look much like an angel,” I said, looking her up and down in her jeans and leather jacket. Her hair was up in a ponytail, too-not a graceful one, just a ponytail.

“You don’t look much like a devil,” she said without a beat. I glanced down at my white, frilly dress and scowled. I was going to kill Kaia.

Life on earth is never the greatest experience, for anyone. There’s always something to hate. For Agnes, that was about everything.

For as long as she can remember she’s kept her social life limited to just four people: her mom, her dad, her best friend Theo, and his dad.

Everything seemed fine, for the most part. A normal teenage life.

And that was when it all came crashing down.

When presented with a choice to leave her human world, Agnes finds herself forced into an eternal battle between Life and Death, and nothing will ever be the same.

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Luna was told that she was the world’s number one singer. She was told she had a voice of an Angel blessed by God. She was told to speak 15 different languages and learn them fluently.

Be the good girl. The perfect girl. The girl of the male gaze.

She was told to go to a place she was never even told of before.

She wasn’t told that she would discover untold secrets or that her punishment would change her forever.

for better or for worse.


romance, crime, fantasy, mystery and most definitely not as cliche. (as possible)


Ranger Rising


Everyone has their place in the world. Fate is inescapable so it does little good to fight it.

Lena Rivers has been told this her entire life. She’s a farmer’s daughter. One day she will marry, have children, and be a farmer too. That’s the way things work. Lena absolutely hated the idea of being a farmer or the wife of one. There had to be more to life than what everyone told her. However, that seemed to be the life she was destined for.

Until the traces of a large beast, larger than anyone in her town had ever seen, were discovered on the outskirts of the forest. The mayor of her small town hires Aust, an elfin King’s Ranger to root out and destroy the beast. When Lena meets him she finds herself absolutely taken at the sight of his longbow and massive stag and falls in love with the prospect of becoming a ranger. However, if she wants to be of any use to find the monster that’s terrorizing her home then she has a lot to learn. were discovered on the outskirts of the forest. The mayor of her small town hires Aust, an elfin King’s Ranger to root out and destroy the beast. When Lena meets him she finds herself absolutely taken at the sight of his longbow and massive stag and falls in love with the prospect of becoming a ranger. However, if she wants to be of any use to find the monster that’s terrorizing her home then she has a lot to learn.


Taylen is loving her first year of college until a routine drive home catapults her into a medieval land where trust is a luxury she can no longer afford. Alone in a land ruled by suspicion and strange social dictates, she must discover others she can rely on if she hopes to survive long enough to find a way home.


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Sometimes, you must take matters into your own hands to forge your freedom. Astra knows this. She’s known for seventeen years. Still, it’s not an easy feat for her to successfully escape Varaly, decide to seek passage through Auxerre, and leave behind everything she’s ever known for the distant and isolated Beaukarou Basin, where she hopes to find peace and solace from her past. But fate has other plans, and sometimes, the harder you try, the farther you fall…

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/135389970-soul-of-ice



Pandora and Quinn wanted nothing the to do with the Nameless War between gods and humans from the beginning, but due to their remarkable abilities and the Natural Orders they represent in the universe they are seen as perfect fits for the fight.

Decades later they are still working for opposite causes, each of them leading their people through the ongoing war. Quinn and Pandora find their lives suddenly colliding together after a rescue mission though and Pandora has no choice but to keep the God of Stars around. She would usually be thrilled to have someone join her in the fight to unite gods and humans, but Pandora has a closet of skeletons from her past. A past Quinn is unknowingly apart of. Now she must juggle her responsibilities as a leader and mentor and find a way to keep the awakening demons in her head at bay.

Loyalties whither and fear awakens in both Pandora and Quinn’s life as the Nameless War approaches its tipping point. The only thing that might change it all is the truth, but Pandora can’t decide what would be worse: to let the past fly free or watch the world burn.

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Where do you guys get such covers?


I made mine on canva! It’s a really cool site with a ton of awesome features even if you’re not a premium or vip user. :smile:


Hmmm, thanks! Imma try it out.


This sounds really cool! I’m excited to read!!


The World Changer.

A butterfly’s wings can bring thunderstorms. Tahro knew this. He knew it when he plunged into the world of his favourite manga. He knew it when he fought to save a main character’s life. But how much can he change the story before the plot begins to fall apart? Can you choose between your friends and the rest of the world?

Link- https://www.wattpad.com/story/174132370-the-world-changer



What was supposed to be another regular day under a tyrannical regime took a turn for the strange when Artemis, a young girl trying to cope with the current way of life, found a mysterious stranger who can’t remember anything about her past life.

Upon realizing that the stranger possesses power that could have world-changing implications, the two are forced to take actions that could change all of Henos.

A complex story about dealing with loss, inspiring an oppressed people and rising above individual limitations.




Jeina wants nothing more than to be normal in a world full of fairies, humans, vampires and more. But since she never fully developed into a fairy her wish didn’t come true. Finally, she is about to see the best therapist there was so she can learn to cope. But on the way there, she meets someone who seems to be more in need than her - an alcoholic wizard. Is the eighteen-year-old really able to help him during their journey? Or might there be something that he could teach her?



Hey. I’m new her and i really like Wattpad. I enjoy what others write and for inspiration. I was really hoping that u guys would read a book that i recently started writing called Past.Present.Future. I would love to have feedback and support from u guys as you were to new here once. thanx :two_hearts: