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Title: Circle of All - Book One of A Summer of Continuous Evenings
Genre: YA Fantasy, Hard Fantasy, Adventure
Link: https://my.w.tt/DRcCHNgeQV
Blurb: vvv

❝Keep going, to stop is to die.❞

Phoebe Crowley was doing perfectly fine. And then she wasn’t. Isaac Reyes was doing perfectly fine. And then he wasn’t. A lot of people were doing perfectly fine. And then they weren’t. Why? Because of immortality.

After being kidnapped and taken to the “place” where the lines of the living and the dead crossed-for reasons out of their control, no less, Phoebe and Isaac must find their way home back to Earth and out of the In-between, the land of immortals. Except, there’s plenty of problems in the way, and things are never as simple as they seem.

After all, immortals are finnicky.

But mortals are so much worse.

Criticism is welcomed!



Alain Watanabe is a Key Keeper-a transient guardian with knowledge of other worlds. The time to act has finally come. The time to liberate his siblings is now. To do this, he needs to find seven keys to undo the spell that seals the palace of Engrada.
However, it won’t be easy as mysterious individuals get in his way; ones who seek entrance into other worlds as well as other, more nefarious purposes.


I love the cover! The summary is great, as well!
This is going into my library!




Fantasy / Adventure / teen fiction / urban fantasy

What would you choose to keep with you: a cursed stone or your sister tied to its powers?
Ellie Jordan has to decide to keep one of them with her and give up the other for good.
It seems like an easy decision to make - like how people say that family comes first. Right?



“You’re not…human?
His pale jade eyes pinned mine down, an amused smirk flitting across his lips.
“No. I’m not. Does that bother you?” I frowned at his words.
Did it?

Terra’s life has been anything but normal.
With a sunny disposition and a traumatic past, she continues to experience one pitfall after another. The town hates her, and she can’t figure out why to save her life–or the lives of others, and the only saving grace she has is her best friend. Her best friend that she starts to realize she has feelings for.

Before she even has a chance to figure out what to do with her feelings, she finds herself transported into a different realm by a love-struck King who is anything but human, and her life as she knows it is turned right on its head.
She discovers she has a legendary mark that could be the key to saving the realm from a centuries long war, or be the very thing that unleashes chaos and death upon everyone, including herself.
Naturally, the only documents that can help her figure out which outcome she will come to face were hidden away by the previous King and Queen, and nobody seems to know where exactly they were hidden.

And to make matters worse, this King makes her feel things.
Things that scare her, and that she isn’t sure she should like feeling so much.

Click here to start reading!


Oooh, I am intrigued! Will be adding this to my library!


Thanks! It means a lot to me!


Science Fantasy || Action || Romance

The last thing you’d imagine earth’s savior having is an identity crisis, let alone in the middle of an interstellar war, but for Avalyn Concerto she begs to differ.

Ever since the last battle against primordial–earth’s immortal alien foe–Ava has been living in a constant nightmare. For she will never forget how heavy the sword felt in her palm and how her abilities took over.

She will never forget the moment she killed her best friend–the moment before she lost control.

Out of desperation, Ava ventures off into the demon-infested world in search of her missing birth record. And she will do whatever it takes to find it–to fix herself–even if that means breaking the laws and committing treasonous acts.

But once Ava is caught, she quickly finds out it will take more than thievery and violence to stitch herself back together. It will require: Dark magic. A pair of alien princes. A pompous man whose hair is as white as snow. A blue god’s threat. And the perfect stage set for secrets to unfold.




Magic has been dead for centuries. At least, that’s what Kallan thought until he meets Wren, a mysterious girl who claims to have mage-blood and haunts his dreams with her melancholy song. Unable to ignore her call for help, Kal begins a journey that will take him far from home, challenge his will and beliefs, and might even shape the future of magic.



Ever since Annemie saw Antsje Pluk, the fairytale figure who supposedly eats children for dessert, she’s known that the witch will come for her. Now that she’s no longer a child, the forest doesn’t scare her anymore. One night, she sneaks out. But instead of returning safely in the morning, Antsje Pluk curses and captures Annemie, bringing her to a cottage hidden deep in the woods.

Girls have been disappearing from their village for years, but Aleta, Annemie’s twin sister, won’t let her become one of the lost. In order to save her sister, Aleta must face her fears head-on, find a magical flower, confront an evil witch, and break an age-old curse. Luckily, she has the guidance of an old friend, but the other girl is not what she seems, and there are secrets hidden in the woods.

Sprinkled with Dutch lore, this retelling of a neglected fairytale is filled with witches, moss maidens, and shape-shifting, but it all comes down to some very human traits: bravery, sacrifice, and most of all, love.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173253808-✓-girls-of-a-feather-opennovellacontest2019


The Giants’ Rivalry

Kenzie McCool thought she was ordinary. She was wrong.

When Ireland is in trouble, it calls on the young heroes that can save it. And Kenzie is one of them. Led to the underground lair of the imp Seven Inches, a deadly threat is revealed to her that only she and two others can find the means to stop. In order to do so, she must travel to Ireland with her rival to bring an end to the giants’ rivalry.

This quest involves dangers, both from Irish monsters and perhaps from her own allies, if the intelligence that has been given to them is correct. Kenzie must keep her wits about her in the quest to discover the only one who can stand between Ireland…and the very ones who wish to destroy it.

Is Kenzie McCool up to the task?


The Sword of Death

The world of Grecia is torn apart by the constant warfare of the gods. In their constant struggle for power, the mortals are caught in the middle of their fights. But the Blood Battle, which annihilated many mortals and a lot of monsters, leaves at least one deadly survivor whom Zeus fully intended to kill: Setsko Kamira, a demigod.

Setsko Kamira is an assassin, one of the many demigods who work for Hades both in the mythological world and in Apocalyptica. When the Lord of the Dead clashed with Zeus in the epic battle known as the Blood Battle, the culmination of the Blood Wars, Setsko is stunned to witness the death of Thanatos, the god of death. The message he leaves her catapults her into a web of chaos, lies, and hidden pasts.

But while Setsko goes undercover, friends of her follow Thanatos’ last words. The reunion of the group on the ruined slopes of Mount Olympus only leads to more confusion at the discovery of a being claiming to be a king.

Will the demigods be able to unite and toss aside their many differences in order to unravel the web and carry out Thanatos’ last request, as well as keep themselves alive and safe from traitors in the process?




Title: Spectacle
Genre: YA Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Steampunk-influenced
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184518248-spectacle


Miss Grace Bennett is the last person one would expect to see in a war zone. She has never left the city, has never been in a fight, and tries her hardest to avoid the attention of the city authorities that imprisoned her mother and who would do the same to her. Orphaned and isolated, seventeen year old Grace spends her days as a stagehand at one of the city’s many music halls, using skill and some unique talents to make a name for herself in the theatre district. But outside the city, war is raging, and Grace cannot escape its reach forever. After an unexpected encounter, she finds herself on the frontlines, and somehow, the fate of her country is in her hands, and she will have to draw on all of her gifts in order to save it, even those that she wishes she did not have, even those that she has spent years hiding.

Criticism and input welcomed!



Title: Silent Echoes

Genre: YA Fantasy (it’s dark and very different form of fantasy)

Blurb: What would you do if you discovered that those who you’ve idolized and trusted were secretly responsible for child sex trafficking and Satanic occult practices?

Seventeen year old, Echo Strickland, found herself in that horrifying reality six months ago when she was secretly kidnapped. The other children in captivity with her are disappearing one and one. Fearing for her doomed fate, she must find a way to escape and free the others. When she finds an unlikely ally in the sensational musician, Julian Oliver, she discovers that a horrifying reality lies at the dark underbelly of global society. The two must work together to bring down this magical yet evil secret society and to heal the trauma that Echo has endured.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/182538493-silent-echoes

•••Updates every few days•••



Title: The Hybrid Circus

Genre: YA Fantasy (LGBT Themed, Mild fantasy)

Blurb: The circus is full of magic and wonder, where men and women perform death defying tricks all in the name of glory and fame.
Though the hybrid circus is not one of them. Where the performers truly are half man, half beast. These Faunas creatures imprisoned to perform for others entertainment.
One past-less, young rare faunas (Bonnie) and his performing partner (Jasper) will do what ever it takes to escape the life of slavery. For one who seeks revenge for his family and the other who wants to remember they will need to depend on each other if they are to reach their goals.
The trust built as partners in art will rise to an even greater bond as the Ringmaster threatens to burn everything they know and love to the ground.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184147599-the-hybrid-circus

Updates Every Monday


Title: Saga of Darkness By Jade

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

“Blood was running like a red-river, smoke was coming from the many fires the demons had started with their breaths. Liam’s throat burning from the toxic fumes. If he didn’t get help soon, this would be his last fight.”

In the wee hours of one fateful night Olivia finds herself in the middle of a battle with demons. She assumes it’s a nightmare; a young astral warrior, Liam, convinces her otherwise. Olivia discovers that she is an evolved human who can travel between dimensions and is also capable of killing demons. A fate which was destined before her birth.

An innocent first-love blossoms between Olivia and Liam. They become partners in the Astral army against demons and other forms of evil. Liam is in charge of her training; they spend the their days as college students by day, demon fighters by night. However, there is a small glitch in their happiness: They are forbidden by the Astral Masters to see each other on Earth. They can only be together in their astral form. As much as they love each other, they cannot be together in their physical forms. However, everything is destined for a reason.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/181924150-saga-of-darkness-book-i




Figuring out what you want from life is never easy, for loner Bria, it’s almost impossible. She thought going on a solo trip through Norway would be a good idea - a way to learn more about her heritage and do some soul searching.

She didn’t plan on falling through a stone portal into a new realm.

Now, Bria is stuck in a land full of Vikings, where dark magic and war is all they know. But a myth tells of a warrior who will enter Volheimer and save them all, freeing them from their imprisonment between worlds.

But Bria isn’t anyone’s savior.

Alarik is the new King of Daganold and he isn’t ready. His father wasn’t meant to die on the battlefield, not yet. But such is the will of the gods, damn them.

He doesn’t believe in the myth, in the stories they tell children to explain their existence. But then a woman with striking eyes and sharp wit falls into his care, he doesn’t know what he believes anymore.

Is it true? Is their time stuck between worlds truly coming to end?



Click here and give ENTWINED a chance :slight_smile:

❝Truth or dare?"

I rolled my eyes. “Dare. I got enough truth tonight and you know me inside out anyway.”

“Dare, hm? Let me think of something.” Putting one finger on her chin, my best friend gave me a once-over as if hoping to be inspired. “I want you to kiss my brother.”

“Are you crazy?” She knew how much I hated her brother. I glanced up just in time to meet with a pair of dark green eyes, looking straight back at me. Damn.❞


Turning 18 is great, but sure as hell, not the age where you’re ready to have a soulmate. Our badass MC, Avery Montgomery, who does not have romantic bones in her body isn’t just any regular girl. She’s a part of the Ancient Greek community known as the Hellenicus. Once she turns 18 she will be able to hear her soulmate’s thoughts which help her in finding the said soulmate.

So, will it be Carlos, her most-recent dreamy crush, or Adrian, her old childhood crush? Surely, it’ cannot her best friend’s annoying older brother Vladimir, right? Making a decision can be hard but being indecisive is definitely not an option.

* * *

Reviews: “This book is the most original Wattpad story that I have read yet. The concept is incredibly detailed and is super creative. I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. Adrian is swoon-worthy! It’s astonishingly underrated and deserves so much more recognition. I’m very excited to watch it go so far”
1st Place The Eloquence Award

"Wow. Original. New. Exciting. Fresh. Beautiful. @agatharoza @agatharoza1 takes the standard teen YA structure and flips it on its head. Teen Fiction meets Ancient Greek meets telepathy. Not only it is the concept unique and compelling but Agatha’s craftsmanship is out of the world. Every page is lovingly crafted and expertly written. Must read. @SebJenkins


Title: Renegade
Genre: YA Fantasy, Hard Fantasy, Adventure
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/181680188-renagade


“We could be nothing and we could be everything. Do you trust me?”

Since she was a child, Evelyn was groomed to be the future Empress. She knew how to dance, how to beguile the hardest of men, and above all else, follow in the ruthless footsteps of her father … until, suddenly she wasn’t. Visited by an elf in her dreams, the only escape from reality, rescued by a woman that shouldn’t exist, and begged by a devout convert of a false religion, Evelyn must decide if she can tolerate her imprisonment for the rest of her life, or if she should or even can help save the world in-danger of being destroyed.

As the author, I beg you not to read this book. It’s a mess and the characters are a mess. Evelyn is a good person who does bad things and even worse things happen to her and her companions; she is all together too real and too fiction for her own good. I urge you not to even consider this book…and if you don’t, I pray that you find solace.


I am currently trying to get new readers on my new story Ki Genesis. Ki Genesis is inspired by works like the Final Fantasy games, Inyuasha, Yu Yu Hakusho and other Light Novel works. I would love it if you could take some time and check out Ki Genesis. https://www.wattpad.com/story/178798995-ki-genesis