YA Romance - Beta Readers please!! [payment provided]

I’m angelika and I’ve just completed writing my young adult / teen fiction novel. I would love some beta readers to read through it. I’m not really looking for grammar or editing (although if you do find them, please tell me!) but more just an overall sense of what you thought. You can just read it, and hopefully enjoy it, and leave occasional comments if you like - but at the end I’d love if I could ask you some questions about what you thought of the characters, plot and overall book.

My book is called “Lavender Monarch has Exactly Thirteen Fears


Lavender Monarch has exactly thirteen fears. She knows this because she has them written down on a list she carries with her everywhere.

Lavender has made a promise to herself that she will face and overcome every one of these fears. That is, except, number thirteen. The fear of falling in love. She’s decided that fear is much too dangerous to ever mess around with.

Patty Waters is well versed in the notion of love, he could have any girl he wanted. But he isn’t interested in just any girl. He has his eyes set on Lavender and he won’t let her uncertainty get in his way.

June Sommers has been best friends with Lavender his whole life. He’s determined to help her overcome each and every one of her fears. But he doesn’t like Patty and he certainly doesn’t want Lavender getting hurt.

Let me know if you’re interested!! And of course I’d be happy to do the same for you in exchange!

[still looking]

Hey there!
Are you still looking for readers?

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yup!!! Were you interested?

interested if you wanna work together pm me/

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