YA/Teen Romance

It’s a 30 chapter (I believe… or under) teen romance completed book I have on google docs. Since finding a editor seems to be harder these days lol, thought I try my luck in beta.

Side note:This is the third book in my teen series(the others are getting edited now)

Please include the following:

  • Title:True Love:Unhappily Ever After
  • Genre and sub-genres teen romance/ drama
  • Description

Throughout her time in high school, Eileen tried to fake a smile even when things weren’t going her way. No matter what hard times she faced, she knew she could overcome them. But when she couldn’t be there for someone she cared about most, that’s when she felt helpless. When she returned from spring break, she learned what transpired between Michael and Reese. It tore her up to the point where she was ready to say goodbye to him forever. But when Michael told her not to give up on him, she knew he was still there–the old him. With graduation approaching them, the window for a small reunion is beginning to close. Can Eileen hold onto her fate and hope he’ll find her way back in time? Or does Michael’s memory of Eileen fall into the abyss of the unknown forever?

Two brothers–one girl. How could a simple crush over a girl cause so much trouble? Welp, for the former womanizer, thought he could turn over a new leaf, but once again, Flynn chased away the only thing worth fighting for. Things get worse when he starts pushing everybody he loved away. When he started questioning his future, he pondered if he could leave this town and never look back. With his fate being tested at the crossroads, does he leave and never return?

The love story saga of Torrie and Kasper is closed–possibly forever–so, how does one mend a broken heart? By trying to move on–but she started to feel lost and disoriented with trying to get her life back on track. Between keeping her grades up and preparing herself for a future, things took a bad turn when she fell back into her old lifestyle. Will Torrie be able to use her past lessons to force herself not to make the same mistake twice? Or could one fatal mistake cause her to fight for her life?

(WIP blurb lol)

  • Any other information you feel is needed

Tenses are a big issue I haven’t mastered yet. The book itself hasn’t been fully edited. So, you probably will see typos after the first 10 chapters.

But I wanna make sure plot wise it’s good to go. I’ll fill you in with what happened in the first two books.

I can give you
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Hello angelic_knightmare00,

would you like me to send you the documents to choose from?

Also, what kind of Font Style would you like?

Greetings, C.

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Hi :slight_smile:

Uh, any is fine for the font :slight_smile:

I already edited all the descriptions given, incase you want to take a peek at it.

If you want and need me to change anything, just let me know! :butterfly:

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Thanks :slight_smile: first time using this version (obvi lol)

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I’ll check if I can pm you the documents, if not I’ll put them in my Google Drive for you! :butterfly:

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