Yay or nay - story idea

So I never dared to go into science fiction before, but a while ago, I got an idea. You know those stories where people are turned into things like dragons or dangerous mechs? What if a group of people was changed into cute farm animal, forever stuck in baby state?

Now, this sounds very creepy and perverted, but think about it. They could test the subjects’ reaction to other humans and to eachother, while none have the power to do real damage. I mean, what’ll a hedgehog, bunny or squirrel do? Something like a hamster will throw seeds at most. Is it an idea to start a kind of farm and open it to public, under the pretense of having found a way to keep animals young - while in reality, they changed humans into animals?

Or should I just nope out because this is weird and/or not sci-fi enough?



Make it known that they are human.

Black market bandits could be trafficking in baby meta humans right now! Only you can save then from a fate worse than being cuddled to death.

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I was actually planning on letting the MC become one of them

De ja vu might make a great story.

This is so cute! Maybe try adding flashbacks to the moment they were still human and how they interacted then. I’d try making a humor / sci-fi story out of it, too, that works good with this idea.

If you’re not sure whether you want to write it (always decide for yourself), try making a short story out of it. It’ll be less difficult than writing a full length novel about which you’re not even sure if you want to write it.


So starting out the story when they’re already turned? And then adding flashbacks?

I heard that people really hate flashbacks.

I don’t hate them, for what it’s worth…

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Fair enough

It depends on how they’re used, when they’re used, and how often.

Flashbacks are mainly warranted in moments of large impact. A flashback about when someone lost a fingernail, is just silly. But it’s ultimately a judgement call.


Dunno. Ideas are cheap, execution is dear. Sounds more a fantasy prompt than an SF prompt. Depends of course on how it becomes writ out. Humans into animals is a old idea, Jules Verne old, Voyages of Ulysses old. Ideas don’t make a story. the story told makes the story. You need to write it first, then garner opinions on it.

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First and foremost, do you think it will be any good? If you like it, who cares about anyone else right?

I’ll be happy to read it once it’s finished.

Mm, fair enough.

How did you find this after two months?

Almost all of the threads on post for wattpadwritters.com are still up. As long as that is true, people will continue to discover and post to them, given they maintain a topic interest, of course.