Year View Stats Analytics



Is there any plans to extend the [Stats] feature so you’re able to filter on a custom date range for a calendar year. And/or show all stats for a calendar year? At least for its first published year?

It would be nice to glimpse a statistical snapshot of a story’s growth throughout a year cycle.


Also can someone please reply with yes, no… something. :pleading_face: I’m feeling awkward here, waiting on my own.
PLEEEASE don’t leave me hanging…


It might take a while before HQ gets back to you - if they do. They don’t reply to all posts.

But I agree, it’d be great!


I figured as much. Yeah, it would be nice to see the stats of a story’s growth and see what periods were down times and up-times to determine best times to promote etc. Thanks for that.


I’d also like to see this! I think it would be really useful for authors


I’d love it if they add a function in the stats with an overview who commented and voted the most on your story


That’ll be cool. So you can gain a better rapport with your loyal fan base, show them some love in return etc.:grin:




I would like this. It would also be cool to see stats of what percentage of readers move on the next chapter from the previous one and so on. That way I can see where I am losing people without having to rely on read count (that can be vague) and completed reads per part (which isn’t even that accurate).


Ooh that’ll be a good one for the “Engagement” tab for sure. :grin:

When it comes to “Completed Reads by Part” I don’t really understand the value of this. Considering, it doesn’t tell you how many readers completed a read. So, for all I know, it could only be me.


It barely works. My chapter one has 57% completed reads, which is awesome, but I wonder how much higher it would be if going back to read/respond to comments didn’t factor in as well as how readers sometimes end up there when opening the book for some reason. I also heard you have to scroll to a certain part of the page for it to be counted as a completed read anyway, so for people on desktop that skews things too. My last chapter has 82% completed reads, and I have a hard time believing that the rest of the people who read the whole book just decided to only read part of the last chapter lol

It’s the same with reads too. Some chapters have, say, 700 reads and subsequent ones will have a few hundred more, so unless lots of people are just skipping chapters…lol

I think overall, analytics needs an upgrade.


Yep, agree. It probably was handy when Wattpad was starting out with a smaller user base.

Now that it’s over a whooping 65M+ membership,there’d be more data to retrieve more meaningful analysis for a writer to be able to understand their audience and the story’s niche better.

It could also open up promotional opportunities for Wattpad as well. The analysis could be used as a service targeted to writers for story ad promotion campaigns like they do for Twitter. That’s just a far-fetched thought though.


They actually hit 70M yesterday! :smile: - But that doesn’t change your point, which is well put and I agree.

Problem is, they have this: Story Insights Reports?

So they probably want to sell you the information. :confused:


70M! :flushed: That’s like a population of a country somewhere. “I hearby deem this good land Wattpadia!” going off topic.

I don’t know if I’d pay for an actual offline report. $85 is dubious.

If they use an ad service that could negate costs for real-time analytics. I’d want to be able to just open up the stats part of my book and the numbers come flying at me.


There’s like 6M in my country :joy:

Yeah, I think so too. I don’t have $85 for something that I’m not making any money from.

Yes. Me too! I love the stats area and check it out way too often, but it’s lacking a lot.


Mine is 25M and counting :grin: So, if Wattpadia wanted to invade my country, we’d be screwed.:smile:

As you can tell, I’m a stats freak. It’s the only way I can see the unspoken activity for my works. Otherwise, I’m doing guessing games; not good for self promotion.

Story Insights Reports?

Hahahaha Wattpadlandia will succeed!

Definitely not. I’d love to know more and honestly, I’d love those story analytics. But for $85? Naaaahhh.


I :clap: would :clap: love :clap: that :clap:

I’d really like to see my stories’ progressions in reads ever since I started publishing them :slight_smile:


Dumb question: is that active membership or all-time membership?


Unique readers - according to Wattpad. So I reckon it’s active reading people :smile: