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01.@ZekeIAm | cover | delivered
02.@ifthestarsallowed | char. banner | delivered
03.@duellator | cover | in progress
04.@kumquat_babe17 | cover | not started
05.@hatefuls33 | char. banner | not started
06.@sammypett | cover | not started


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story banners

character banners


These are the different picspam types.

So just choose which one you want on the form (1, 2, or 3).


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☾ requesting a picspam

type: [ ] one [ ] two [ x ] three (check my examples to see how these look)
ideas (inspiration/color scheme): some pictures of tati gabrielle from sabrina. i will link you some images and inspo graphics. Blood_On_The_Carpet
Color by COLOURlovers
specific images/gifs: tati tati tati inspo inspo inspo inspo inspo inspo
anything else? yeah. you can also include fangs, anything vampire-y, a sunny mountaintop, blood, an oak tree, fire, a black knife, and an old oak tree.

☾ accepted!
i’ll get working on it right now (:

thank you sm!

☾ requesting a [ ] simple [XX] manip cover

title: ICE HEART
author: Elyse Bradley
subtitle (optional): n/a
summary: Algathia has been cursed with snow. And the only way to lift the curse, is to kill the one with ice in their heart.
Maribelle was taken in by a widower when she was eight years old, after being found in the snow with no memory of her family or where she came from.
She was raised to be an assassin, who only kills people who are bad, and who would be better off dead.
But after saving the crown prince from another group of assassins, things start to become exceedingly complicated. After learning of something that could change her life, she will have to choose whether she stays in the kingdom, or if she should go find out who she really is.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): So, this is a fantasy story, so I’d like the cover to reflect that, if possible. My only idea is really just a closeup of a girl (if possible, a model with white hair would be ideal. If not, a model with dark brown hair would also work). I want a lot of blue and white in the cover, to kind of resemble snow. Maybe the font can kind of have a glowing effect? As for the background behind the model, a forest or a castle will work. Here is some inspo:
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anything else? thank you!!

whoops, i’m fixing this now. I forgot about the wonky new forums lmao

☾ accepted!
lmao and yeah I understand. It’s so confusing to me but welp.

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thank you lmao!

I don’t use the mdc that much, sooo idk what ‘match style’ means lmao, or how to find it lmao. whoops

I’ve seen it on google chrome. It took me some time to understand what other peeps meant and then I realized there’s no way to do it on my browser (safari) at least I don’t think. I checked on chrome and it works there when you right click after copying the text there’s an option that says paste and match style.

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ohhh, okay. i’m gonna have to get google chrome and try it on my laptop, because I use safari on my phone, but on my laptop I just use Microsoft edge.

fixed it!

thank you!

☾ requesting a character banner

character name: Damien Hawthorne
face claim: Matthew Daddario
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): brave, honorable, he’s a prince/soon to be king. Very much of a royal red and gold aesthetic… think Gryffindor meets House Lannister? If he could be wearing a gold crown or have it be somewhere in the banner that would be great!
anything else? possible picture maybe??

☾ accepted!

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☾ requesting a [ ] simple manip cover

title: Darkneing Seduction (font)
author: Gracie Lynn
subtitle (optional): n/a
summary: half demon girl goes on a road towards disocering her darker origins, and where she truly came from
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): T H I S is a cover of mine from the same series, and I wanted it to be matching in tone and colors (that burgundy dark red is really hard to match, i gotta say. I wanted something like THIS with maybe THIS model standing inside of a coffin? Red roses somewhere in the picture, maybe hanging from the ceiling, or red roses and green vines falling off the coffin? Maybe her holding a red rose? Something of the sort. A dark creepy red background like the other cover, and maybe some skulls and candles? I want the picture to look very edited though, and very glowey and edited looking!
anything else? I know this cover is a little “darker” and I’m not sure if that’s your genre. Hopefully it is! ALSOOO this is my current cover, and while I love it sooo very much, I just don’t think it matches the other cover very well in color or theme as much as I’d like it too, and it doesn’t look very edited or “poppy” either

☾ accepted!
I actually find doing darker covers a lot easier so sure thing!

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