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☾ requesting a [ XX ] simple [ ] manip cover

title: With the Tide
author: ellie
subtitle (optional): N/A
summary: ‘the story of a clueless man and a siren without a home.’ Leon has his dream life- living by the beach, good friends and family, plenty of time to surf, and his dream job as a marine biologist. His mom always told him ‘be prepared for life to turn wild on you,’ but he didn’t expect that to come in the form of Dio, a lonely siren oddly fascinated with humans.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): its a romance between a surfer and a siren; anything that involves the ocean, surfers, etc.
anything else? both of the main characters are male, i hope that doesn’t cause any issues- i know searching for pics is easier when there are female characters lmao.

Stopped by to say, I love your graphics!!

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I don’t think it’ll be an issue! Does there have to be two males on the cover or do you not have a preference? Because I have an idea but it involves only one person on the cover.

thank you so much! :heart:

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no, i don’t have a preference! one person on the cover will be totally fine! c:

☾ requesting a [ xx ] simple [ ] manip cover

title: Teen For Hire

author: Zeke

subtitle (optional): ‘Nothing is ever right when you’re a Teen For Hire.’

summary: Reece sticks by a certain motto in life:

“If you ever want something to get done, pay somebody to do it for you.”

In this case, people pay HIM to get things done. Anything they could possibly want, from babysitting, to stalking their exes or even doing their math homework. He could do it all with the right amount of money.
Okay, maybe doing Maths homework is a stretch, but you get the gist.

Trouble arises when the hot mess of a teenager got an offer of getting $10000 per month to protect the new girl in town, Sierra Ferrind, he didn’t exactly know what he was signing up for.

She was everything he hated,
But he was everything she loved.

And now Reece has to stalk her. Great.

Join Reece Alexander as he rocks out in Junior year with undercover missions, disastrous people and the ever so powerful teenage hormones. After all, who knows what life could bring when you’re a teen for hire.

ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): My cover at the moment is still what I envision the concept to be, though I do think it’s nice for a change of view so I’ll give this a try. I’m going for a more light-hearted concept, maybe something that seems more like a fun novel rather than a rom-com though. So, I don’t think dark background colors would do much good haha. I don’t think I’d want a face on the cover, or even a person. A silhouette at most.

I’m also hoping for something that seems a little action paced. Bright colors. Other than that, it’s pretty much just a hit and miss. I hope that’s enough for you to work with XD.

Here is my current cover: 23-17-39-Teen_For_Hire_3

So yeah, that’s the kind of light-hearted feel I’d hope to convey.

anything else? I hope that this cover can really portray the feel of this novel! Thank you!

I’ll see what I can do!

☾ requesting a [ ] simple [ x ] manip cover

title: Sweet Deception
author: Dredge
subtitle (optional): N/a
summary: It’s about a guy that deceives his girlfriend.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): I was thinking something like this with Kylie Jenner this guy and this little girl Or something like this
anything else? No, thank you.

Thanks for requesting!

Hi hi! Not a delivery yet but I wanted your opinion on what I've done so far!

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That looks great

Thanks for accepting. Payment completed.

☾ delivery

Here’s your cover! I realized though that the title might be hard to read when the cover is a smaller size, so if you want me to fix that then lemme know!

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Yah the title is a little hard to read but I really do love the cover. Could you maybe put like an outline around it? If not I’ll use it as it is because it’s amazing either way.

There actually is a stroke on the title but you can’t really see it since the photo size is small.

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TITLE: Time Again for Change

AUTHOR: Samantha Lynn Pettengill

SUBTITLE (OPTIONAL): What if you could go back and try again?

SUMMARY A transgender 54-year-old female who has only been on hormones for a year is beset by a deep depression and succumbs to the lure of suicide. As she is sliding down the path to the afterlife, a rabbit claiming to be the Goddess Eostre comes and offers a deal. Simone can take her chance in the afterlife as a suicide or can go back to a single point in her own life. She gets to pick the point and live her life from that point, but it will be an alternate timeline so she doesn’t mess up anyone else’s life in her own. The big catch, it means starting out as Simon again and finding the strength to start her transition, hopefully, a lot sooner than 53 years down the road.

Let me know how to send the credits, you mean Watt Pad $ I assume. yes/no. Let me know and I will be happy to take care of asap. oh and how much, I am not sure.
This is the current cover that I put together with Paint, I am not good with editing, I am a writer not a graphic artist. LOL:

I wanna accept but I gotta know what kind of ideas you want for the cover. Also no no I don’t mean money LOL don’t worry I’m not asking for money. When I say credit I mean like in the description of your book you put “cover by aeris-” something like that and then I also ask for a follow as payment.

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derp Sorry. LOL. I kinda like what I have, I am just asking for a clean up and perhaps an outline of a girl falling across the clock face. The rabbit is important to the story so I wanted it to stay. I just know that the cover I came up with was very plain. Not really sure what else. There is a time travel background in the story so maybe the background behind even the clock face could … I don’t even know what to say … be See, I have no idea what to say. LOL

Maybe this works???

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I’ll try and give it a shot then!

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