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hiii, i was wondering how you resized your pictures? this new coding system has got me messed up


Story Banner

title: Kassidy

author: Angel Durham

subtitle (optional): Don’t run from the Reaper…

summary: This first part of the Karraway Duology follows a teenager named Kassidy Morgan (known as Kas Morgan though) in the city of Karraway, he is a part of a gang called the Crows and is slowly working towards taking control of it, as well as making a name for himself in the city, known for his ruthlessness and the way he can lose his head at the same time he can keep himself civil. One of his nicknames he has earned is “Reaper”, but this dark name also has a bit of backstory with it (has to do with his parents, something that hasn’t quite yet been revealed).

ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): A hat like this but against a dark background can be used, have it on a table or something with a revolver or a very decorated knife that has it’s handle shaped like a crow (body and all, this might not be possible, so a revolver would work just as well) with a city background like the one I provided (at least similar) and also a crow maybe flying in the background? If none of this is possible, do what you can.,g_1:fantasy:oS707avmeaI%3D,g_1:dark:S3v1g0ryFws%3D&usg=AI4_-kTSsfPM92SI6wGxnaSv_G78wPsf9w&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj5_ZOgwsHfAhWK5IMKHQtRCjAQ4lYIKygA&biw=1366&bih=610&dpr=1#imgdii=QEwjLyp0S0MDVM:&imgrc=i0JFIBbBhz5enM:

anything else? I hope this is doable, please @ me if you need to discuss anything with me or have any questions

Yes this is your form, I just cleaned up the coding since it wasn’t working


I use this <img src=“url” width=128; height=200’> (just remove the apostrophe at the end of the height) and you can just change the width and height to whatever you want.


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Sorry this isn't a delivery yet, but I wanted to make sure I was on the right track/take some suggestions so far.

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☾ delivery

I made three different versions because I wasn’t sure. I’m not too sure about the text, so tell me if you want it changed or anything else changed!

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I’m a dummy soooo sorry! Her hair gradually changes from white to black during the series, and so in this cover her hair is a platinum blonde, and would it be okay if you kept the dress white? (I’m the worst, so sorry! But I love how you highlighted her skin and made her look more edited, I loveee that!)

I also loveeeee the coffin and the dark background with the roses, but I think the background is a lil too blue to match the rusty red of this cover, and it’s not giving me the same series vibes yet.

BUT I love it and the coffin idea is coming out soooo flawlessly and I love the roses on the bushes and the overall layout of it :slight_smile:

I still have to fix the background, but more like this?

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Want Your Cover To Look Better? I Can Help!!! || Critiques and Graphic Design Advice


Sorry I keep bothering you lmao I just want to make sure that I have this right before I add the title and all that.

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You’re not bothering me at all, thank you for being so precise, it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:The red shade is PERFECT and I love it! The last thing I ask is maybe to add more black? I think that’s the shade that’s missing, and then it’ll be perfect!


☾ delivery

Here’s your cover! I’m still not entirely confident on this, so feel free to ask if you want anything changed!

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☾ delivery

Here’s your cover! I realize now that the sparkles I used look a little too much like snowflakes, so if you want me to change it then I can! If you want me to change anything, feel free to ask!

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I love these covers, but I can’t choose which one to use… they’re all amazing!


<☾ requesting a Picspam

type: one two three
ideas (inspiration/color scheme): soft browns white and black minimal
specific images/gifs: if you can find a bed sheet gif or a couple that you cant see faces in bed gif that would be great

anything else? nope thanks and payment complete xx


I love it! Haha my story takes place in winter anyway so even if people think that it works :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you so much!


Does the story have to be posted?


I’m happy you liked them all! (: