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☾ accepted!


No problem! (:


Nope it doesn’t have to be posted ~


thanks x


☾ requesting a [ ] simple [ X ] manip cover

title: Tied Together With A Smile
author: Laura Ann Lee
subtitle (optional):
summary: Haven’t really written this yet, sorry!
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): I was thinking something along the lines of Harry Styles face taking up most of the cover, flowers around him, and notebook drawn shapes, arrows, and hearts. I would like the background to be a notebook, maybe have a pen on pencil on the side.
anything else? I didn’t see a password. Thanks if you accept it. c:


☾ requesting a [ ] simple [ x ] manip cover

title: Before Storms
author: Carson pence
subtitle (optional): n/a
summary: Creed gets his hands on a time machine in order to go back into the past to save his mother from a plane crash.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): i would like the color scheme to be blue and white. a city background (think dubai) and i really love your reputation cover so take inspo off that! here’s another cover that inspires me
anything else? thank you, and your covers are some of the best i’ve seen!


☾ accepted!
Don’t worry I don’t have a password lmao


☾ accepted!
Thank you so much for the compliment!


☾ requesting a [ ] simple [ x ] manip cover

title: picture perfect
author: fleur
subtitle (optional): none
summary: don’t have a legit summary out yet, but i have already written about 80% of the story (not posted yet) so it’s basically about this girl who owns a photography company that specialises in taking photographs during concert, and in one of the concerts, her assigned photographer kinda ambushed the singer of the concert which caused a lot of uproar and that’s basically how they met. so it’s a story about how things may not be what they seem, like the photographs she takes at concerts and the life that celebrities have are not what they seem?? it’s a little hard to explain haha sorry i’m not doing a good job.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): i’d actually like something like a grid kind of cover. something like the if i stay poster. some images i’m thinking of are cameras, the concert scene, screaming fans, and a girl and a guy. ooh and maybe film rolls or something. i would prefer if you can’t see their face, like their back or their side or just a bit of their face. the characters are selena gomez and zayn malik. if the images just can’t fit together or if the aesthetic is off, i’m okay if you show their face haha.
anything else? sorry if the above idea is really specific haha. if you don’t agree with the idea or you don’t really want to make that particular idea, you can just make a super minimalistic one with just a camera or a film camera or something. like i’m okay with both spectrums. either the super all out idea above or a minimalistic one item kind of cover. okay, i’m done talking haha this is super long sorry asdfghjkl


☾ accepted!
And don’t worry! The more specific the easier it is for me (:


thank you! and by the way, my story is light-hearted so i’d appreciate if the colours used are lighter haha. i’d really prefer a fun and light-hearted cover instead of a heavy and sad one like the if i stay one haha sorry i’m so picky >.<

Not a delivery just yet! I wanted to make sure the coloring was alright with you? I also wanted to ask if you can link me the Puzzle font because I wasn't able to find it.

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You know what… I can’t even find it. If you can just do like a neon light type font that would be great but if not a sans serif font like Nexa Light would work. And Its perfect.


☾ delivery

Here’s your banner! I included two versions because I couldn’t decide on the text placement. Please tell me if you’d like anything changed!

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☾ delivery

Here’s your banner! I wanna say I’m so sorry I couldn’t do the exact idea you wanted. I couldn’t find a way to make it work, so I decided to go with another idea. I included another version with the revolver in case you like that one better. I totally understand if you don’t use this so don’t worry!

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Thank you! I am thinking of ideas for one for the sequel, Natalie


☾ delivery

Here’s your picpsam! Tell me if you’d like me to change the gif or anything else and I will!

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Can you make the text brighter so it stands out just a bit more? I’m not sure if I like it the way it is or if it should be brighter (just the text)


Sure thing! Just give me a moment.


Is this brighter?