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Would having it brighter over power the revolver?


I’ll just show you what it looks like with the revolver! (:


Yeah, it overpowers it, I’ll go with the original revolver one! Now to brainstorm for Natalie’s banner…


Alrighty! Glad you’re using it (:


Love it and using it! You’ve been credited.


thank you and glad you liked the banner!

Not a delivery just yet! I wanted your input on what I had so far and I need help with what colors you want since obviously these colors are a mess right now lol

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That is beyond beautiful. I would love some pinks, reds, whites, and yellows. Maybe “Smile” could be in yellow. Ps. What font did you use? c: Could you also get rid of Harry’s little mustachio? If not, that’s fine.


Thank you! And the font is called folkster and sure I’ll try to get rid of it lmao


☾ delivery

Alrighty here it is! Tell me if there’s still anything you’d like changed (:

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Oh, my word! It’s beautiful. I’ll definitely be using it. Thank you so much. I followed you. When I upload my first chapter tomorrow night, I’ll credit you. (:


I’m happy you like it!


Story Banner

title: Natalie

author: Angel Durham

subtitle (optional): She will be their ruination or she will be their salvation…

summary: This is the second part of the Karraway Duology which will follow the same people as in the first one. Violet died, but she came back. Now she hunts Kassidy down, believing he broke his promise and brought her back. Kas is descending even deeper into the monster within, his thirst for revenge even stronger. Kas’s dad now has the sword, as well as Violet’s blood. Will the team be able to pull themselves together or will they lose it all trying to save their city? (This one also is told with flashbacks, exploring Violet’s (Natalie’s) past and what led up to her fleeing to Karraway as well as what transpired between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second book.) I am not 100% on the subtitle as it will be at least a year until I finish Kassidy, until then I will feature this inside of Kassidy

ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): I was thinking having it similar to Kassidy, but I have a new idea. Have a mirror on the one side, the other side have a dark haired (frailer? looking girl clutching a shirtless man that has dark hair, I prefer to have their faces hidden or at least eyes closed as both have unusual eye colors) I tried to find this but had no luck. Also, a sword in about the same place as the revolver from before. Also have the crow be perched on or near the mirror. Have it look like a very run down building they are inside as well, have maybe duffel bags along the floor and a window somewhere? (Kas dies at the end, so I was hoping to have the hug thing be representative of them holding onto every moment with each other that they can get, neither knows but both know at any second they could be killed) Maybe have little glass tubes laying on a table or something if you want, these also represent something, think lab equipment, specifically for making things, things that can maybe go boom (my lesbian demolitions experts is what these wold represent, something tragic happens to them)

(No smiling)

Like this sword, also yes, I want it all in black and white like the banner for Kassidy
anything else? I hope this is doable, please @ me if you need to discuss anything with me or have any questions


☾ requesting a story banner

title: Tied Together With A Smile
author: Laura Ann Lee
subtitle (optional): Thank You For Reading
summary: N/A
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): I was hoping the background could look like the cover you made me; flowers, drawn hearts and arrows. Something simple. I would prefer if Harry was on it but he isn’t a factor with this banner. I would like the subtitle to be a little bit bigger than the title. I hope these ideas work.
anything else? Thanks c:


Hello, I was wondering if you made social media banners. For example, a banner that has social media logos and then have the usernames written next to the logo.


thank you so much its perfect can i request more?

☾ requesting astory banner
title:When I wrote this, I was listening to
subtitle:Old Times by Marsha Ambrosius
ideas:same aesthetic as my picspam
or or
anything else? simplisitc please nope and thanks


☾ requesting a [ x ] simple [ ] manip cover

title: nine years of elliot
author: taylor j
subtitle (optional): n/a
summary: Tara never expected fall for her best friend at such a young age, but fall she does. Elliot’s charming, smart, and funny, even if his family doesn’t like her. It’s none of their business though, so Tara doesn’t mind. She’s happier than she’s ever been, and Elliot is too. Marriage is on the table, and when the pregnancy test pops positive, they couldn’t be more thrilled. Then, the worst of the worst happens.
By a cruel twist of fate, Tara finds herself a single mother, struggling through grief with only the warm memories of Elliot to get her through the days. It’s hard, especially when Elliot’s family makes a point to be a thorn in her side. But there’s one shining light in her life and Tara will do anything to protect it–Kade, their child, and all that she has left of her one true love.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): i truly am not sure. what i do know is: i do not want this to be a dark or sad cover. i would like the cover to be light and happy. not bright colors (like neon) but not very dark.
anything else? i wish i could go more in depth but i completely understand if you do not want to do this because of how many details i do not know. also, i was waiting for a cover until i posted the story but i will give you credit as soon as it is posted!


<span style=“font-size:8px; display:block; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px; padding:50px; text-align: left; background-color: #F8F8FF”> <font color=" #9370DB"><b>☾ requesting a</b> story banner </b> <font color=" #9370DB"> <b>
title: </b> Dial Her Up <b>
author: </b> Malaysha Shardae’ <b>
subtitle (optional): </b> Listen Before You Speak <b>
summary: </b> During the late 90’s, a young african american girl gets a job as a call girl. <b>
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): </b> Here is my current cover for my book: for my banner I would love to keep the same vibe and color scheme as my cover. For my faceclaims I would love to have two pictures of my model: Also, could you add some telephones scattered around the banner such as the one on my cover and if you could scratch out her eyes like on my cover that would be awesome! <b> anything else? </b> if you decide to accept thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I’m on my phone and it’s not acting right so sorry for how my request looks!


<span style=“font-size:8px; display:block; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px; padding:50px; text-align: left; background-color: #F8F8FF”>

<font color=" #9370DB"><b>☾ requesting a</b> simple manip cover
<font color=" #9370DB">
<b> title: </b> Rising Sun
<b> author: </b> XOXO Queen
<b> subtitle (optional): </b> None
<b> summary: </b> Triston is the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the four regions, Rowan his mate is the only female Alpha in many generations. As their paths intertwine how will they protect each other and their respective packs against not only their loved ones, but a uprising determined to destroy them both?
<b> ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): </b> I was hoping for something with two wolves blended into a sunrise over mountain tops. This is what i have up right now, but i know it could be way better.image
<b> anything else? </b> Nope, Just a thank you.