you and i ☾ closed for catch-up



☾ accepted!


☾ accepted!
Don’t worry they’ll work!

I've never really created a banner like that before, but I'm willing to try!


☾ accepted!
Of course you can request more! There’s no limit (:


☾ accepted!
It’s totally fine! I’ll see what I can do from what you told me in your summary ~


☾ accepted!
It’s fine! The coding gets wonky for most people.


☾ accepted!
I haven’t done that many werewolf covers so I’m excited to do this!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I made the cover myself, and I have no vision what so ever, that and I don’t have any of the proper software. lol. So again THANK YOU!


I was just wondering, did you want a person on your cover? If so, any specific face claims?


thank you! :):blush:


I’ve figured out my summary and edited my original post to have the summary. thank you again


Okay, thank you!
My social media account usernames are:
Snapchat- Charlize_Gilkox
Insta- Jupiter_G1
Facebook- Charlize Gilkison

If youre able to make that banner than thank you so much! If not then that’s okay, keep up the good work x


☾ delivery

Here’s your cover! I hope it’s what you had in mind (: Feel free to ask me if you need anything changed.

(drag to new tab to see full size)


thank you for adding the summary! (:


☾ delivery

I hope this is similar to what you wanted. I couldn’t really find a good picture for the girl and boy, so I worked with what I could.

(drag to new tab to see full size)a


Can you make it a but easier to see the couple? Also, I love it


Is this better?


Is it possible for their reflection to be in the mirror? If not, no big deal as they look off centered to the mirror (not in a bad way, more like they are stepped away from it)


I tried to but the original photo of the couple didn’t have their full bodies in it, so it would be cut off in the reflection of the mirror. I did try to fix the reflection in the mirror though with the signs.