you and i ☾ closed for catch-up




are you too swamped with requests because i’d like to request for a gif banner of sorts? to go with the cover haha. bUt if ur super swamped with requests or have no inspiration anymore (bC THAT COVER LOOKED LIKE IT TOOK EVERYTHING IN U IDK OR MAYBE UR JUST SUPER TALENTED) it’s fine !!!

edit: sorry, on second thought, i think the title is a little bit too small? sorry im so picky ahh but is it ok if u make the title a bit bigger and stand out more. maybe you can remove the top row of pictures? and replace the film rolls with the camera because i think the camera is more important haha. OR if u know a way to make the title stand out without deleting any pics that would work too??? bUt if ur too busy it’s ok!! i think the cover is legit gorg enough <3


yes, a 17/18 year old boy (just think highschool student), but no specific face claims. thanks!


Sorry for the tardiness, I lost my phone and now I have a new one. I’m gonna use the first cover.

Alrighty, so I made two different versions. One where I made the title as big as I can but kept the same amount of pictures, and the other one I removed the top row of pictures. I also don't mind another request!

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that’s totally fine! (: thanks for letting me know



Sorry guys I’m just going through some things at the moment, so there will be a bit of a delay with the requests.


Sorry that you’re going through things! But I will be withdrawing my request! Thanks again.


No problem. Hope everything gets better! :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m going to pull my request seeing as I would like to post my story sometime soon but want a cover sometime soon. I understand that you have personal stuff going on, and I wish you the best. No hard feelings, thank you! :):relaxed:


Don’t worry I understand and thank you!


I’m ready to do the rest of the requests now so I’ll get to them now!


Glas your back! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry it's not a delivery yet and I apologize again for taking forever with your request. I just wanted to see if I was getting the right idea? Or maybe if you had anything to suggest. I added the clock because of what you mentioned in your summary, but I also know you wanted some boy on the cover. I'm just not sure if you wanted it like the cover of The Great Gatsby with the eyes and the city, or something else. Sorry to bother you x)

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Aw thank you!


dont worry about it at all! the city background looks great, and im sorry for not being specific before but yes I meant for there to be a face in the sky. Doesnt just have to be the eyes and mouth, but the whole head/upper body. (also i think josh hutcherson would work best- unless you already have a model. either way thanks so much!)


☾ delivery

Here’s what I made for your request! I hope it’s what you wanted and again, I wanted to apologize for taking so long to complete it! If there’s anything you want me to change, feel free to ask me.

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I know it may be too late, but can you make sure Natalie’s subtitle says She will bring misery, or she will bring prosperity… ? I just found the qoute and I feel I may have given the wrong wording! If it is too late, I can work that original wording in as well


It looks great! thank you so much