yOU hEard It HerE FirSt GuYS


You Need to be 13

Wattpad Services are only for people 13 years old and over. If we learn someone under 13 is using Wattpad Services, we’ll terminate their account.

i remember when da twelvies got threatened to be outed, and then da mods were liek, yea they can do it wit parent permission

now it straight up illegal.


I think I once discovered a 10 year old on there, too.

But honestly, if people are dumb enough to admit they are underage, they deserve to be kicked out.


that must have been a genius ten yo

not if they’re part of a clique thread, then they admit it to tha clique thread, and then someone lurking admits it to tha mods.

but i guess clique threads aren’t a thing anymore so…


Probably. They seemed super mature for their age.

Nah. I’m referring to people who put it on their profile. :rofl:

Nowadays, people just make personal spam threads.


im also super mature for my age. unlike all the other girls, i dont flirt with the bad boy. i mean, i dont even like him. i dont wear make up either. bc im a nerd. like a mature, unique special, average nerd.

oof tha’s death.



Good for you. I was an even nerdier nerd than you. Spent my high school career alone in a library. I had no idea what any of the cliques were or what cliques were or what/who bad boys were. :lumi:

E x a c t l y .

It doesn’t count if I started the trend.


nu-uh, i was so nerdy that i didn’t even go to libraries i went to empty classrooms #nerd

psht personal spam threds existed agees before the aesthetic kingdom


That is just… weird. Why.

Yes, but I started a wave of my own. c;


bc i am s p e c i a l



Are you a s n o w f l a k e ?