You should be writing!





Is it a real book or a Wattpad book?


Wait of course is a Wattpad book


Update means Wattpad or online of some sort


Yes, it is a Wattpad book. Stalk my profile’s activity for the title. :wink:


Okay XD


tfw you don’t know what to post on your writing tumblr


Oooh, someone sent in an ask! o:


Just wrote a super super long answer. :’)


@AWFrasier I finally posted my rant on plagiarism. You want to see? :lumi:


finally wrote another chapter after a four month drought lol


Nice! :partying_face:


Yes! :smile:


Here it is:

An account I don’t recognize liked it. o:


One critique from someone who has bad eye-sight: your font is very small. I have to really squint to read it without my glasses which usually isn’t a problem when I’m on my laptop. (I’m nearsighted)


That’s a consequence of my theme.

Can’t really fix that unfortunately.

I didn’t make this theme.


Really? You should be able to go into the HTML and edit it.

In fairness it’s been years since I used tumblr so I don’t know if they’ve changed that part.


I don’t want to accidentally mess something up, so I’ll leave it as is for now unless I get a sudden influx of complaints then I’ll look into it more.


Might just be me with shitty eyes. And I should be wearing my glasses but they’re on the other side of the room.


Anywho, how was the rant’s content?

Easy to understand, I hope?